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Black Plastic Transfer Board.
 Constructed from moisture proof, high-density
1/2” thick plastic. One side is striate-sanded for
bare skin transfers and one side is buffed for clothed transfers. Comes with convenient hand holes and optional notches. Weight capacity 400 lbs. and measures 29”L x 8”W.
552897 Transfer Board $80.45
926991 Transfer Board with notches $81.75
 Heavy Duty Transfer Board. Constructed from 9-ply birch base and three plies of laminate with a clear seal coating. Board is 5/8” thick in the center and 7/16” thick at the ends. 32”L x 10”W. Weight capacity 650 lbs. Latex free.
562274 $145.90
   Transfer Board with Notches. Constructed from 7-ply walnut stained birch with three plies of laminate on top and clear seal coating. Notches secure the board to the wheelchair canes. Board is 1/2” thick at the center and 3/4” thick at the ends and is 8” wide. Weight capacity 450 lbs. Latex free. 553181 26”L $93.60
553182 29”L $98.65
                 Sammons Preston® Bariatric Transfer Board. Sturdy 35”L x 8”W board is made of 5/8” thick birch plywood and has a weight ca- pacity of 600 lbs. Two perpendicular hand slots.
6126 $85.00
                    Sammons Preston® Bariatric Wood Transfer Board. With a 600-lb. weight capacity, this natural hardwood board is perfect for bariatric patients. Transfer board measures 283/4”L x 91/4”W x 1/2”H, weighs 6 lbs.
552510 $110.00
                   Sammons Preston® Bariatric Hi-DTM Transfer Board. 3/4” thick, high-density polyethylene supports up to 500 lbs. Features a single handhold for secure transfers. 26”L x 10”W. Weighs 61/2 lbs. 552886 $96.86
Standard Board Thickness
Extra Thick Bariatric Board
                                                                      Fall Prevention     Heavy-Duty Transfer Boards
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