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                                                                  Transfer Boards
Fall Prevention
      Wheelhold Transfer Board.
Lightweight 7-ply, 3/8” thick birch board
is walnut stained and clear sealed. With the armrest removed, the contoured shape fits around the
wheel on the wheelchair for ease when transferring. Measures 113/4”W x 28”L; weighs 2.4 lbs. Weight capacity: 250 lbs. 553183 $78.95
       DaysTM Curved
Transfer Board.
Made from solid, re-
inforced plastic that is
waterproof and resists
chipping, shattering,
and splintering. Slip-
resistant pads at each
end increase stability
during transfer.
Supports up to 336
lbs. and is MRI safe.
Board is 275/8” long
and 145/8” wide, tapering to 101/8”wide at the middle.
  AA8835 $88.85
    SafetySure® Multiply Transfer Board.
Made of splinter-free birch plywood. Coated
SafetySure® Curved Transfer Board. Arched shape enables a va- riety of positioning options, but also allows for the natural sweeping motion of an assisted transfer. Smooth sliding surface with flared ends to provide a stable transfer platform. Choose from durable, semi-rigid polyethylene, or plywood finished with a lacquered coating. May be used for assisted and/or unassisted transfers. Width center: 10.5”; Width end: 12”; Length: 28”. Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
with a smooth lacquered finish for easy trans- fers. Board has a slotted, centered hand hold. 8”W x 24”L with .5”
thickness. Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
565384 $50.45
SafetySure® Transfer
Board. This transfer board
is made of lightweight
durable polyethylene for flexibility and maximum
surface contact. Hand
cutouts allow for easier positioning and removal
once transfer is complete. 300 lb. weight capacity. Latex free. 6149 23”L $72.10
614901 30”L $82.45
7005837 Safetysure® Curved Transfer Board-Plastic 7005838 Safetysure Curved Transfer Board- Wood
Bariatric Transfer Board. Designed to help bridge the gap between two transfer points for patients weighing up to 650 lbs. 10” wide for better support during transfers. Made from 0.5” thick birch plywood finished with a smooth lacquer coating. May also be used with non-bariatric patients. 081707090     10”W x 24”L
081707108     10”W x 30”L
$60.00 $60.00
   $75.00 $80.00
  SafetySure® CarEase. With the slick inner surface, sliding and rotation into the car seat is smooth with almost no friction. Unlike similar prod- ucts, CarEase is comfortable to sit on. Seat belt must be worn if CarEase
is left in position while driving. Measures 22”L x 18”W.
562179 $39.75
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