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warm welcome to Broadwell
             Avonmouth                    A
                                               Amateurs players officials and
             Football Club                     their supporters for today’s

                 Founded in 1919          game. We hope you enjoy your
                    Ground                visit and a safe trip home.
                  King George V
                   Rec Ground             No games last week but the first
               Avonmouth BS119ND          team, their last outing saw them
           Ac ng Chairman: Eddie Kendall   bounce back after their first defeat
              Gen Sec: Eddie Kendall      after a run of 48 games, winning
             President: Gerry McCabe      8-1 against Gala where they
        V President: Dave Rowley/ Bert Marsh   dominated from the first whistle
                    Directors             with some excellent football.
           • Darren Harvey/ Fay Warren/
         Paul Allen/Mark Reed/Shaun Cur s
                                          Our Res continued their strong
               General Commi ee:          start to the season beating
            • Rob Parker/ Mark Warren/    Rockleaze Rangers A who are one
            Dec Smith/ Sam Whi aker/      of the rivals for the league 4-2
             Mark Gil nan / Rob Allen/    which keeps them Top of the
            Luke Armour & Ryan Bartle     league.

          First Team Manager: Ash Benne    The A Side also continued their
                 • First Coaches:         improvement finishing winner 5-0
              Rob Sage/ Aaron Harvey      over Bristol Wanderers 1 .
               • Physio: Mia Pither
             Kit Man - Jack Hembrough     The youth section had no game
            Res Manager Steve Beacham     last week but sit Top of the league
          • Res Coaches: Gary Clark/Mark
                    Warren                Off the field a big thanks to all who
         A Team & Youth manager Tom Lees   helped to finish off the installation
                                          of the advertising boards and
           Groundsmen Mike O’Flaherty /    sorting out the exterior lights.
                   Rob Parker
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