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P. 7

ood afternoon everyone
             and a warm welcome to
       G Broadwell Amateurs FC,
       coaches, players and
       supporters to Avonmouth fc.

       Wow, what can I say, after our       really good bunch of lads who
       first defeat of the season the        will work hard and play decent
       lads were given the freedom          football, so hopefully a good
       to let their hair down, relax        game for the spectators.
       and get back to enjoying
       football and not worrying
       about records. The boys didn’t
       disappoint and put in the best       Hopefully you all enjoy the
       performance of the season.           game and hospitality and I
       Onto today’s game against            look forward to having a pint
       Broadwell who will be a tough        and chat after the game.
       opponent as we know from
       last season’s GFA cup game. A

                                            Enjoy the game

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