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  School Success
FSL Workers are directly involved with the students and their parents in the following areas
●Homework ●Motivation / Focus ●Organization ●Problem Solving ●Study Skills ●Relaxation ●Performance Anxiety Social Issues
The FSL Program provides crisis intervention to students and/or their families. FSL Workers address issues with students and/or families that could include:
●Anger Management ●Anxiety
●Stress Management ●Bullying Issues ●Emotion Recognition ●Relationships
●Peer Relationships
●Self Esteem ●Parenting
●Life Skills
●Grief and Loss ●Friendship Skills Advocates
FSL Workers will support families and/ or students to advocate for their needs.
FSL Resources
The FSL Workers can direct parents to resources in their community. Loranne Ganton is the Family School Liaison Worker for the School of Hope. Please don't hesitate to email or call her with any questions you may have!
Phone: (780) 853-2188
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