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●Can be obtained through the “Messenger” Newsletters, which are sent out on a regular basis, highlighting school informational updates and future events.
●Parents are encouraged to join the Parent Council, which meets once a month. Please contact the school Principal, Michel Despins, for more information.
●Periodic celebrations are organized on an ongoing basis. Students are encouraged to attend these celebrations in keeping with our school faith and values. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend any or all of our celebrations.
●The “Hands of Hope” Club provides a forum for students to make a positive difference in the school and in their own communities. Students take a leadership role in the school and plan activities to encourage a welcoming and accepting school atmosphere, as well as planning and leading social justice projects.
Examples of projects the “Hands of Hope” have done in the past include:
•Fundraising to support our School of Hope foster child
•Raised money for the Canadian Cancer Society •Supported mission work in the Dominican Republic
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