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  Extracurricular Activities
●are organized by teachers to promote the growth and development of students.
●these activities are privileges and may be forfeited if conduct injurious to the tone of the school is evident.
Students need to:
●conduct themselves with honour and dignity
●respect others and property
●be positive
●cooperate with those in authority
●dress appropriately
●maintain academic standing and exhibiting positive behavior
* Students in High School are able to join local teams as per ASAA policies. Please contact the office to get more details on how this can be done.
Grade Twelve Celebration (Graduation)
The completion of twelve years of schooling is an achievement and a cause for celebration. As a school with a variety of programs, we open our celebration of learning exercise to all students who have come to the successful end of their school learning journey. This includes those students graduating with an Alberta diploma, as well as homeschooling students who have successfully finished the twelfth year of their program.
Problem Resolution Procedure
Please follow these lines of communication if you would like to give a positive comment or voice a concern:
1. Teacher
2. School Administration 3. Division Administration
The following are proper procedures to follow for resolving conflicts or expressing concerns about students, discipline, programs, teaching methods, teacher-student relations or evaluation:
●The parent should first speak to the teacher of their child.
●If it is a general school concern, the parent could contact the vice-principal or principal if the concern does not directly involve a teacher.
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