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 & Porsche

            Like appraising a work of art, conservation requires a depth   The Fine Arts Conservancy developed a bespoke sealed system
            of knowledge not only regarding a particular artist or their   for the piece, ensuring the interior micro-climate remains
            history, but their preferred techniques and the specific   a stable level of humidity—unaffected by the surrounding
            chemistry of the materials and media utilized during their   environment—and halting any further deterioration of the 132
            period. Proper conservation can take months due to the   year-old paper.
            delicate and detailed approach required, as well as the
            industry ethics standard requiring all work to be reversible   Of course, Braman Motorcars mirrors this same attention to
            so as to protect the integrity of the original piece. The Fine   detail and dedication in doing whatever is necessary for clients.
            Arts Conservancy’s reputation for excellence in the field   These shared sentiments contributed in part to Laney and
            has resulted in the team being entrusted with works from   Gordon purchasing their jet black Porsche Panamera. Perhaps
            preeminent international museums and galleries like the   better than most, Laney and Gordon can appreciate the
            National Academy of Design in New York.             expertise of the Porsche West Palm Beach service and support
                                                                team. As active and appreciative Club Braman members
            Hundreds of years of poor previous restoration efforts are only   themselves, the pair plan to continue to partner with Braman
            one of the challenges that Laney and Gordon face. Fungus   Motorcars for future events.
            and mold; humidity and heat; light; pollution and wear from
            sloppy transportation all have detrimental effects on the often   Still, unlike vehicle maintenance—no matter how
            delicate media. Solutions require intense organization, and at   specialized—Laney admits that their profession allows only
            times, creativity. Recently, a watercolor depicting Napoleon at   one shot to get things right. It makes for exhilarating work
            the Battle of Friedland was brought in. The oil version of the   on a daily basis, and the Fine Arts Conservancy has firmly
            same painting is featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.   established itself as peerless in the industry. It’s a bar Braman
                                                                Motorcars plans to emulate as the decades—and with luck,
                                                                centuries— continue on.

               To learn more about the Fine Arts Conservancy,

  CONVENTIONAL WISDOM HOLDS THAT  the older and more expensive the vehicle, the more expertise required
 to care for and maintain it. Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Porsche owners accept this obligation as they receive the
 keys to their dream automobiles; an expected sacrifice for the privilege of owning one of the finest products in
 the world.

 Of course, much of this upkeep is covered under warranty, and few will own their chosen chariots for
 decades—much less centuries. However, such is the challenge faced by Laney and Gordon Lewis, owners of the
 Fine Arts Conservancy. Preserving near-priceless works of art takes an immense amount of time, effort, and
 resources, because—as any amateur collector quickly learns—condition is everything.

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