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Still, being a roadster demands delicious
            aesthetics. Though the classic sports
            car proportions of an elongated hood
            and stumpy rear are present, there’s no
            penalty for them from behind that chunky
            steering wheel. Visibility front and rear is
 Zuperlative  underscores the idea that cruising topless
            fantastic, particularly with the top stowed.
            The lack of invasive exterior noise further
            should always be one’s preferred method.

               The 254-horsepower Z4 sDrive30i starts at $49,700.
               The 382-horsepower Z4 sDrive40i starts at $63,700.
               Both models are now available for test drives at Braman   Despite the increased attention paid to performance, the
               BMW West Palm Beach and Braman BMW Jupiter.         2020 Z4 is more than content to leisurely stroll between Palm
  THE “Z” DESIGNATION BESTOWED upon Munich’s succession of small   Beach and Delray. It doesn’t ever jostle its occupants, or feel
 roadsters has always proven symbolic. Eschewing the traditional   too small—as perfectly suited to day-to-day activities as a
 numeric label for the trailing letter of the English alphabet, the   2-passenger convertible can be. However, should Sport mode
 Z-Series was ironically never top-of-mind. This wasn’t due to a lack   be activated, 99% of the general population won’t ever come
 of design flair or brilliant marketing strategy—who could forget the   close to touching the limits of this chassis. The razor-sharp
 Z3’s iconic 1995 debut in James Bond’s GoldenEye—however the latter   front end responds seemingly instantly, and the rear follows
 part of the 20th century brought the rise of the SUV, as well as stiff   with a slight delay—the onboard safety aides allowing for a
 competition from the more sporting Porsche Boxster.               bit of tail-wagging before intruding, should you desire. Taken
                                                                   altogether, there is no other sports car currently available
 Of course, the 1990s have long passed; and the 2020 BMW Z4 is no   that is more suited to both daily life and the occasional
 longer an also-ran.                                               bellicose jaunt.

 Make no mistake, many of the Grand Touring elements that grew     Finally, the letter “Z” has earned a place at the front of the line
 overly-pronounced in the previous generations have been carried   in South Florida.
 over…but no longer at the expense of an exciting and engaging
 driving experience. Drivers will remove the top in the Z4 not to be
 better seen by others, but to further immerse themselves in the thrill
 of aggressive acceleration.

 This shift in focus is immediately apparent throughout the cabin.
 While offering an incredible range of comfortable positions, the sight
 lines and placement of the controls feel best when hunkered down
 inches from the floorboard. The abnormally thick steering wheel
 is rock solid and confidence-inspiring. The brake pedal provides
 plenty of initial bite, while remaining linear throughout its travel.
 It’s typically unnoticed aspects like these that have a more dramatic
 impact on the daily driving experience than headline-grabbing
 horsepower figures or wild design cues.

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