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The Changing
These new Canadians are potential golfers! As an industry, we need to be aware and prepared to roll out the red carpet to introduce them to the game of golf. This could include reaching out to local community organizations, places of worship, gathering spots and so on, to encourage communication and to open the door to prospective golfers. Social media campaigns targeting relevant topics, languages or even menu choices will drive interest. Inviting children to participate in camps or clinics will often encourage the parents to show an interest in the sport leading to their partici- pation and involvement. This is a huge potential group of new cus- tomers that will continue to grow year over year and going forward.
The change in demographic since COVID can only be described as positive for the Canadian golf industry. We did a great job converting beginners into new golfers, and factors like embracing a more flexible work environment, the return of tournament and corporate golf, as well as a huge influx of new potential golfers - all indicate that our industry is poised for continued growth and success. If we continue to support new golfers and understand the changing demographics in Canada, we should continue to see busy tee sheets, driving ranges, golf academies and more for several years to come!
Golf Business Canada
of Golfers
with golf, but if that number is even just 5%, it would mean an additional 30,000 golfers coming to Canada every year! That’s a big number, especially if these new Canadians put down roots across different cities and small towns from coast to coast. Certainly, the cost of living might encourage new Canadians to take up residence outside of the big cities which should help boost the economies of smaller cities and towns.
The following chart shows the dispersion of permanent residents (PRs) landing in Canada in 2022:
Newfoundland and Labrador Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
2022 PRs % of all PRs % change from 2021
3,490 0.7%
2,665 0.6% 12,650 2.8% 10,205 2.3%
+0.2% -
+0.6% +1% +3.4%
-6.7% +0.8% +2.2% +1.4% -3.1%
    Quebec 68,685 15.7% Ontario 184,725 42.2% Manitoba 21,645 4.9% Saskatchewan 21,635 4.9% Alberta 49,460 11.3%
     British Columbia
61,215 14%
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