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  simple terms. These tips were well within my reach and are positively affecting my life years later. I hope the tips I share here are ones you can also hold onto and benefit from forever. Let’s look at the actions and resources you can use in your business that can have a positive effect on sales, cost
controls and morale in golf operations.
Sysco created an incredibly helpful tool, The Power Up
for Business playbook, that anyone can access on our website by visiting and while there is a ton of content to unpack in the resource, the key is that you are not on your own. Sysco has Business Resource Teams across the country so you can apply the tools right from the pages, or you can book an in- person or virtual session with one of our experienced culinary resources. Of the key takeaways I hope you have from reading this, it’s that you resist these words, “BUT WE’VE ALWAYS DONE IT THAT WAY”, and embrace trying new tools even if they feel a bit challenging at first. I also encourage if you have not already to employ a crawl, walk, run strategy... as some of the changes may require more time for culture or resources to catch up, and that is okay. Lean on the resources you are collaborating with to guide you on the right fit at the right time. Get some references of similar businesses that have used the technology so you can talk to them directly about the pros and cons. Do not forget to include the teams who are affected by the changes in the process, so they don’t feel blindsided and have a chance to process things.
While I realize most properties have food & beverage POS/Order Systems in place, I want to review this topic as it is a crucial foundation for many of the other strategies. Whether you are purchasing one for the first time or it is time for an upgrade, make the time to research one that is more future forward and integrates with labour, inventory, reservation, and loyalty programs. While most now have these systems, we regularly come across situations where individuals are unsure of how to access reports or how to customize them. It is important to have a connection with the systems rep or have a support package so that new staff or existing can get some training on how to generate and read reports.
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