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Kevin Penner
Kevin is the Marketing Manager for Sysco Prairies located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Kevin is an energetic and engaging presenter, trainer and speaker with a background in direct response marketing, who has spent years helping customers grow their sales in fun and cost-effective ways. Contact him at 204-478-4057 or
 Time to power up your business!
Iwill never forget how it feels to experience the lows of the economic rollercoaster we have all been on. Both at home and across the hospitality industry, it hits hard. My team and I coach foodservice operators everyday on how to manage their food and operational costs, yet even I needed the optimism provided by my own financial advisor.
While there are economic stressors that are out of our control, the thing that gave me the greatest positivity was when he shared an article that outlined what I could review, start, stop or change in very
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