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  NGCOA Canada Quarterly Pulse Survey
Provides operational benchmarking data to assist you in developing strategies for your operation. Surveys are released in February, May, and August annually and focus on one aspect of a golf operation.
The Q3 – 2021 survey focus was on Tee Times – Peak Occupancy; Policies
& Practices; Advance Bookings
Survey Says...
• On their busiest Saturday morning in July virtually half (49%) of all respondents were 100% booked – no open spots or no shows recorded! A further 36% had vacancies amounting to less than 5%. Cumulatively 85% of clubs had more than 95% of available tee times occupied, for a vacancy rate of less than 5%.
• More than half of the respondents (52%), mainly Semi-private and Daily Fee clubs, allow groups to pre-book the same tee time each week throughout the season.
• A little less than one-third of public clubs sell discounted tee times through third parties (31%), and 24% of all clubs regularly charge for no shows
 To participate in the annual NGCOA Canada Pulse Report Survey, please complete the questionnaire when it is emailed directly to you in the coming weeks. Thank you!
You can view the complete Q3-2021 NGCOA Canada Quarterly Pulse Report by visiting the research section of
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