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Is Anger Leading You to Court and Jail?

While anger’s vicious circle of negativity affects your physical
and mental health, as well as your personal and professional
relationships, the most intense and threatening forms of anger
(rage and violence) can put you at risk for restraint, arrest, adju -
dication, and incarceration.
In other words, your anger can lead you down the costly and troubling
road to court and jail where you’ll meet the judge, the jury, the jailers,
and the noisy folks who are locked up and are often in full-blown rage!
Losing the Anger Game
This is not a pretty picture of where you should be at this stage in your
life. But it’s a harsh reality for many angry people. As prisoners know
all too well, uncontrolled anger, rage, and violence can get you in trou -
ble with the law. Indeed, anger was often the basis for their criminal
behavior, which escalated from misdemeanors to felonies, from soft
skill development (anger management classes) to hard time behind
bars. They talked too much, threatened too much, vandalized too
much, and assaulted too often those who would no longer tolerate
their angry and threatening behaviors. They played the “anger game,”
they lost, and the system gotchu! Many become prison slaves.
Welcome to a different, scary, strange, and unforgiving world. Here’s
where angry people discover the really high costs of their anger –
where both time and money meet in an unhappy mix. Unfortunate-
ly, unless they get professional help, they may become even angrier
behind bars! They miss out on life’s many joys attendant with loving
relationships, children and family, fulfilling jobs and careers, and fun

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