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                          Les Secrets du Les du
             Digestive Problems
Apple cider vinegar helps promote healthy digestion by increasing enzyme levels, killing bad bacteria, and absorbing excess stomach acid. To stimulate slow digestion, take cider vinegar half an hour before the meal. For indigestion following a heavy meal, drink 1 tablespoon cider vinegar in 1⁄4 cup sparkling water.
To relieve and prevent constipation, drink 1 tablespoon vinegar in 1⁄4 cup sparkling water before bedtime.
Athlete’s Foot
Athlete’s Foot is a fungal infection of the skin between the toes. Apple cider vinegar helps reduce the symptoms thanks to its antiseptic and astringent properties. Soak a dcotton swab in cider vinegar and apply to affected areas. Spray socks with vinegar and wear overnight.

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