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DDS MOTORCYCLE TRAINING                                                                               REAL RIDING
                                                                                                      REAL SKILLS
                               Basic Riders Course (BRC)
                                                                                                      The Georgia Motorcycle
                                              Introduces the exciting world of motorcycling.          Safety Program
                                              Successful graduates earn their Motorcycle License
                                              with a 90-day license test waiver!                      The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program
                                              •	 2-day Classroom & On-cycle Training                  (GMSP) is a part of the Georgia Depart-
                                              •	 Motorcycle & helmet provided                         ment of Driver Services. GMSP’s purpose
                                              •	 For new & experienced riders                         is to improve the safety of motorcyclists
                                              •	 $250.00: Enrollment fee                              on Georgia’s streets and highways. In
                                              •	 $300.00: Out-of-state fee                            addition to offering rider education train-
                                                                                                      ing, licensing improvement, and public
                               Basic Riders Course 2 (BRC2)                                           information, GMSP promotes motorist
                                                                                                      awareness programs, share the road
                                              An excellent refresher course for renewing and          campaigns, and is focused on highway
                                              practicing basic riding skills.                         safety issues. GMSP directly operates
                                              Successful graduates earn their Motorcycle License      training sites throughout Georgia.
                                              with a 90-day license test waiver!
                                              •	 1-day Classroom & On-cycle Training                       For information about the Georgia
                                              •	 For riders with basic skills or a desire to refresh          Motorcycle Safety Program
                                              •	 Riders provide their own helmet, protective gear,
                                                 and motorcycle                                             program or call (678) 413-8400.
                                              •	 $100.00: Enrollment fee
                                              •	 $150.00: Out-of-state fee                            Training Sites   •	 Lawrenceville
                                                                                                      •	 Albany        •	 Lithonia
                               Advanced Riders Course (ARC)                                           •	 Between       •	 Locust Grove
                                                                                                      •	 Brunswick     •	 Marietta
                                              Complements a rider’s basic skills and includes         •	 Clarkesville  •	 Perry
                                              a fast paced classroom segment with several             •	 Columbus      •	 Thomson
                                              interactive activities to improve perception and        •	 Dalton        •	 Valdosta
                                              hazard awareness.                                       •	 Hinesville
                                              •	 1-day Classroom & On-cycle Training
                                              •	 Riders provide their own helmet, protective gear,    Check for new train-
                                                                                                        ing sites added after publication.
                                                 and motorcycle
                                              •	 For experienced riders with a Class M license
                                              •	 $100.00: Enrollment fee
                                              •	 $150.00: Out-of-state fee

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                                               or call (678) 413-8400

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