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1SECTION                                          1.1 – H ow to Obtain Your Class                         A list of certified courses can be found online at
                                                         M Motorcycle License                    
MOTORCYCLE                                                                                                 tions/certified-driver-training-schools.aspx.
RIDER LICENSING                                      You may obtain a Class M Motorcycle License        •	 Pass Vision Exam.
                                                  if you:                                               •	 Pass Motorcycle Knowledge Exam.
This Section Covers                               •	 Are at least 17 years of age.                      •	 If applicant is under 18 years of age, then a
                                                  •	 Under age 18, a parent, legal guardian or             parent, legal guardian or responsible adult is
  How to Obtain Your                                                                                       required to sign the Form for Driver’s License/
  Motorcycle License..... 1.1                        responsible adult to sign the Form for Driver’s       ID/Permit and complete the Responsible Adult
  Required Motorcycle                                License/ID/Permit and complete the Respon-            Affidavit. The participating signatories also
  License Test................1.2                    sible Adult Affidavit.                                have the authority to request revocation of
  Rider Skills Test..........1.3                  •	 Under age 18, a Certificate of School Enroll-         the permit at any time before the minor’s 18th
  Motorcycle Rider                                   ment (Form DS-1) must be presented.                   birthday.
  Education, Training,                            •	 Pass required Motorcycle License tests, which      •	 Under age 18, a Certificate of School Enroll-
  and License Test                                   include special road signs test, a special road       ment (Form DS-1) must be presented.
  Waivers........................1.4                 rules test and an actual riding test on a motor-      MP Restrictions are:
  Signs, Signals,                                    cycle. (NOTE: The Motorcycle License test is       •	 Motorcycle operation in daylight hours only.
  and Markings..............1.5                      waived if a 90-day test waiver is submitted for    •	 No passengers allowed.
                                                     successfully completing the Basic Rider Course     •	 No limited access roadways.
   Operating a motorcycle can be safe and            or Basic Rider Course 2.)                          •	 Safety equipment as prescribed by law.
fun when you act as a responsible rider. It also  •	 Pass a vision test. If the vision test was admin-
requires special skills and a heightened sense       istered and passed during the year in conjunc-     Secure ID License Documentation
of awareness about other road users, traffic,        tion with another license issuance, the vision     Requirements
and environmental conditions and a personal          test may be waived.
strategy to manage potential problems.            •	 If the applicant meets the established require-       On July 1, 2012, DDS implemented additional
                                                     ments for a Class M License and also possesses     procedures that enhanced the integrity and
   Studying this manual will not only help you       a Class C or combination of other classes of       security of your Driver’s License (DL) and Iden-
pass your licensing tests, but it will also help     permits, that license must be surrendered and      tification Card (ID) resulting from the Federal
prepare you to become a responsible and safe         a license containing the Class M will be issued.   requirements of the Real ID Act. These proce-
motorcyclist.                                        The applicant will not be given a refund for       dures require that you bring additional docu-
                                                     their remaining period of validity of the other    mentation with you when you visit one of our
   Take your time learning how to operate your       license.                                           Customer Service Centers (CSC). If you currently
motorcycle and get plenty of riding experience                                                          hold a valid Georgia DL or ID, a Secure ID DL/ID
and training. You’ll need to be fully prepared    Class MP – Instructional Permit                       will be issued at the time of your next renewal or
for handling today’s traffic environment and         An Instructional (Learner’s) Permit is issued      reinstatement. If you do not hold a valid Georgia
reducing the potential for a crash.                                                                     DL or ID, you will be issued a Secure ID DL/ID
                                                  for the purpose of learning how to operate a          at the time of your application.
                                                  motorcycle on public roads or highways. An
                                                  Instructional Permit is not a Motorcycle License.        These documents will include the following:
                                                                                                        •	 At least one (1) original or certified document
                                                     All Instructional Permit applicants must pass
                                                  a vision test and an examination of motorcycle           to prove your Primary Identity; and
                                                  knowledge. A Class M Instructional Permit (MP)        •	 At least one (1) document to prove your Social
                                                  is valid for 6 months. It is not mandatory for a
                                                  Class M License applicant to obtain a Class M            Security Number; and
                                                  Instructional Permit (MP) before taking the Class     •	 At least two (2) documents to prove your Resi-
                                                  M examination, although road test reservations
                                                  are available only to those applicants who hold          dential Address; and
                                                  a Class M Instructional Permit (MP). Require-         •	 Appropriate Name Change documents, if
                                                  ments for a Class M Instructional Permit (MP)
                                                  are as follows:                                          needed.
                                                  •	 Must be at least 16 years of age.                  Important Name Change Information: If you
                                                  •	 Applicants 16 years of age must comply with        are a US Citizen and your name is different from
                                                                                                        the name shown on the Primary Identification
                                                     Joshua’s Law by successfully completing            document which you plan to provide as proof
                                                     a DDS certified Georgia Driver Training/           of identity (ex. Birth Certificate, Passport, etc.),
                                                     Driver Education Course consisting of at least     then you must be prepared to present additional
                                                     30 hours of theoretical instruction (classroom     supporting documents (ex. Marriage Certificate,
                                                     or virtual) and 6 hours of practical behind-the-   Divorce Decree, Adoption Decree, etc.).
                                                     wheel instruction (instructor or parent taught).   •	 Customers who hold a valid GA Driver’s

                                                                                                           License or ID Card are to present the original
                                                                                                           or certified copy document which supports
                                                                                                           the most recent name change.
                                                                                                        •	 Customers who are new to Georgia must pro-
                                                                                                           vide the complete trail of original or certified
                                                                                                           copy documents which support ALL name
                                                                                                           To assist with collecting your documents, DDS
                                                                                                        has created a Checklist Wizard that will allow

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