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Motor Skills
To practise manipulative skills using the scarf and to practise gross motor skills including swaying, twirling, bending and traveling around the room (in their own way)
To stop and start body movements in line with the stopping and starting of music
Spatial Awareness
To negotiate the space while traveling around the room by adjusting speed and direction to avoid obstacles (including other children)
9. Warm-down and give out magic sparkles ‘Warm-Down Rhyme’ by Lucy Milan Davis & Sarah Moss
We’ve had lots of fun in Danceland, (big stretch up with both hands in opposing directions) But it’s time to say farewell, (wave goodbye with right hand and then left hand)
So let’s take out our magic wands, “ping”, (mime taking out wand and casting spell)
And say our magic spell. (put imaginary wand back in lap)
I wiggle my fingers, I wiggle my toes, (actions as indicated)
I wiggle my shoulders, I wiggle my nose. (actions as indicated)
Say abracadabra, 1, 2, 3 (wave magic wand with right hand then count to three with left hand)
And we’re back in the real world (whisper) still as can be. (hands back in laps, sitting up straight and very still)
EYFS aims
To develop self-awareness through naming and touching body parts
To participate in a familiar and predictable routine (always ending with the same rhyme)
To develop listening and attention through rhyme and through changing from a speaking voice to a quiet voice
CL (U)
To understand the meaning of words through actions
PD (MH) & M (SSM)
To engage in the body tension activity of stretching
To develop finger dexterity, fine motor skills and upper body coordination and control through joining in with the actions
M (N)
To count to three and to use fingers to represent numbers
L (R)
To develop an awareness of rhyme
To move to a rhyme
To use imaginations to ‘travel back to the real world’
Dance aims
Control & Balance
To move and then sit “as still as can be”
Body Awareness
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