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Body Awareness
To observe the choreography shown by the teacher and recreate it with own body
To move lightly and quickly on tippy toes and to practise jumping
To improve coordination by joining in with the complex choreography during the chorus
To run using raindrop feet, to float around like autumn leaves, to grow like flowers, to use hands to make snowflakes, to jump as though crunching autumn leaves and to think up and create an autumn leaf shape using whole body
Motor Skills
To improve numerous gross motor skills including tapping, running, curling, stretching (and many others)
To dance in time with the music
Spatial Awareness
To negotiate the space while running on tippy toes and floating like autumn leaves around the room by adjusting speed and direction to avoid obstacles (including other children)
Strength and Fitness
To improve cardiovascular fitness through performing a high energy activity and to develop strength in legs by running on tippy toes and by crouching down low then jumping up high
7. Action song: ‘Autumn Time is Coming’ (tune of ‘Frère Jacques’, traditional)
Red leaves falling, red leaves falling, (twinkle fingers high in the air and slowly bring them down to the
On the ground, on the ground.
(pat alternating hands on the ground) Autumn-time is coming, autumn-time is coming,
(clap hands)
All around,
all around. (roly poly)
EYFS aims
PSED (MR) & (F/B) & CL (LA)
To listen to other children choose a colour to sing about
To choose a colour and express choice to the group
M (SSM), L (R) & CL (LA) & (S)
To pre-empt and join in with the lyrics which follow a repetitive structure/pattern
CL (LA) & (S)
To develop listening, attention and speech through singing
L (W)
To develop vocabulary and grammar by changing lyrics and using present tense
To develop finger dexterity and upper body coordination and control through doing the actions (twinkling fingers, hitting the floor with alternating hands, clapping and roly poly)
To remember which colours the leaves will turn to in autumn
To clap a regular beat
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