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To pretend hands are autumn leaves
Dance aims
To develop upper body coordination through joining in with the several actions including twinkling fingers, hitting the floor with alternate hands, clapping and roly poly
Motor Skills
To develop finger dexterity through twinkling fingers and to practise gross motor skills of the upper body through moving arms from up high to floor, hitting the floor, clapping and roly poly
To do the actions in in time with the pulse and to change actions for each new section of the song
8. Working with Props: ‘The Four Seasons, Autumn Movement One’ by Vivaldi EYFS aims
The children and teacher play with matching items (coloured scarves) and mimic each other in a cooperative game play
PSED (F/B) & PD (MH)
To listen to music of different styles and from different cultures which capture particular moods
To develop listening and attention through the use of props
CL (U)
To follow the instruction to freeze when the music stops and to understand the words “slowly” and “quickly”
To develop coordination and control through moving a scarf in several different ways, to move slowly and quickly, to develop fine motor skills through gripping onto a scarf, to stop and move when indicated and to explore rhythmic movements in response to the music
To use the body to explore shape through music and dance
To feel scarves and to move to music rhythmically
To imagine their scarves are leaves floating around in the autumn breeze and to make unique leaf shapes with their whole bodies
Dance aims
Balance & Control
To freeze in a leaf shape when the music stops
To practise transferring weight form one foot to another while swaying like a tree
Body Awareness
To use the whole body to create leaf shapes
To twirl around then stop and change direction and to float scarves around the room slowly, quickly, up high and down low
To think up and create leaf shapes using the whole body
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