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6. Choreographed Dance: ‘Move Your Arms Like Henry’ by The Wiggles EYFS aims
The children and teacher play with matching items (coloured scarves) and mimic each other in a choreographed dance
To develop coordination and control of the whole body through joining in with the actions (including bending, roly poly, waving and octopus arms) and to develop fine motor skills in hands by gripping onto and manipulating the scarf
To develop fitness
To dance in time with the music
To pretend to be an octopus
Bending, rolling shoulders, manipulating scarf, swaying arms, roly poly, shaking, waving, walking like octopus
Dance aims
Body Awareness
To observe the choreography shown by the teacher and recreate it with own body
To improve coordination by joining in with the complex choreography (especially roly poly and octopus arms)
Motor Skills
To practise several gross motor skills including bending, rolling shoulders, octopus arms, roly poly, shaking and waving and to practise fine motor and manipulative skills through gripping onto and dancing with a scarf
To dance in time with the music
Spatial Awareness
To negotiate the space while traveling around the room like an octopus by adjusting speed and direction to avoid obstacles (including other children)
7. Action Song: ‘Icle Ockle Blue Bottle’ (traditional)
Ickle Ockle Blue Bottle, Fishes in the sea.
If you want a partner, Just choose me.
EYFS aims
PSED (MR) & (F/B) To wait for a turn
To make a circle and work cooperatively in partners and as a group
To develop self confidence by being chosen to go into the middle of the circle and by choosing a partner
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