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CL (LA) & (S)
To develop listening, attention and speech through singing and repetition
CL (U)
To play a game which requires the understanding of several stages and sequences
To develop coordination and control through swinging around in pairs
To move rhythmically
Dance Aims
Control & Spatial Awareness
To work with your partner to swing around in a circle in a controlled way to avoid falling or bumping into another pair
Motor Skills
To develop fine motor skills through gripping onto a partner’s hands and to practise the gross motor skill of swinging around in a circle with a partner
To choose a new partner at the end of each verse
Spatial Awareness To make a circle
8. Working with props: ‘Under the Sea’ by Samuel E. Wright EYFS aims
To explore new ways of moving
PSED (MR) & (F/B) & CL (LA)
To listen to and try out other children’s ideas
To express knowledge of underwater creatures and how they move to the rest of the group
PD (MH) & M (SSM)
To negotiate the space while moving around the room by adjusting speed and direction to avoid obstacles
To pretend to be different animals that live under the sea (crab, octopus, jelly fish, dolphin, shark etc.)
Dance aims
To use free flowing and natural movement whilst traveling around the room like various underwater creatures
To move around like under water creatures
Motor Skills
To practise locomotor skills by moving around the room in several different ways
Spatial Awareness
To negotiate the space while traveling around the room by adjusting speed and direction to avoid obstacles (including other children)
9. Warm-down and give out magic sparkles
EYFS aims & Dance Aims
See autumn lesson one
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