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Tell the children you hope they haven’t forgotten how to be princesses and pirates whilst eating all that delicious tea! Tell them that you are going to test them again by playing a game a bit like ‘Simon Says’ called ‘Captain Says’! If you say “CAPTAIN SAYS touch your toes” then they must copy you and touch their toes, but if you don't say “CAPTAIN SAYS” and simply say “touch your toes” then they must remain still! Start with some easy instructions like: “CAPTAIN SAYS touch your toes/spin around/hug a friend/jump/clap” and remove the “CAPTAIN SAYS” whenever you see fit! Then move onto some princess and pirate themed actions, such as curtsey/make a tiara/scrub the deck/climb the rigging etc. You may need to demonstrate the princess and pirate actions before including them in the game.
15. CHOREOGRAPHEDDANCETWO:‘LetItGo’performedbyIdinaMenzel
Click on song name to open the video in YouTube.
“Put your hand up if you can tell me which princess has magic ice powers. I’m going to give everyone a magic scarf to give us ice powers just like Elsa. When we swish our scarves things turn to ice.” Hand each child a coloured scarf and practice the tricky moves (including the bridge for 5-6s).
During the bridge where Elsa builds the ice castle, 3 - 4s should all pretend to freeze, melt and throw and catch snow balls as in the video. 5 - 6s perform the following choreography. The birthday girl is Elsa in the middle. The other children go into the four corners of the room and wait (the children will probably need to practice dancing in the middle then finding their corner several times). You stay with 'Elsa' in the middle. The children in the four corners dance. You and Elsa say “freeze” as you swish your scarves towards the first corner and the children in that corner freeze. Repeat for the other three corners. The first corner will be during the lyrics “My power flurries through the”. The next corner is “air into the ground”. The next corner is “my soul is spiralling in”. And the final corner is “frozen fractals all around”. Then go to each corner at double speed for the remaining lyrics to 'melt' the children so they dance again.
Play the track and perform the dance as in the video.
16. CHASING GAME*: ‘Catch the Pirates and Princesses!’ (sung to the traditional tune of ‘Tiny Tim’)
“And now you’re going to have a short pirate and princess lesson. I am the teacher and you are my students. Follow me.” Sing the song acapella and perform the actions as indicated by the lyrics.
“Every pirate must know how to climb the rigging.”
The pirates are climbing, the pirates are climbing, the pirates are climbing, in Your Name Sparkles’ class.
“Every princess must know how to ride a horse.”
The princesses are riding, the princesses are riding, the princesses are riding, in Your Name Sparkles’ class.
“Real pirates and princesses must know how to dance.”
The pirates and princesses are dancing... The pirates and princesses are sleeping... The pirates and princesses are waking...
“Now I’m going to chase you and see how many pirates and princesses I can catch!” Chase the children as you sing the final verse.
The teacher is chasing...
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