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Ask the birthday boy/girl if they would like to be the next teacher. If they say no, choose someone with their hand up who managed to escape you. Remind the next teacher that when you sing, “The teacher is chasing” they must catch as many pirates and princesses as possible. Repeat and then choose a child who “managed to escape” to be the next teacher (otherwise they’ll all just be caught on purpose). Repeat as many times as necessary (for example if there is no pass the parcel and/or not many children you may get through the activities quickly and so extend this one, or if you are running behind you could perform the activity just two or three times).
17. MUSICAL BUMPS (with scarves): ‘Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)’ written by Xavier Atencio and George Burns and performed by Disney
Ask the children if they know the game ‘Musical Bumps’. Tell them that they’re going to play a game just like it! Hand all the children a coloured scarf. Tell the children they are going to be pirates and march around the pirate ship (demonstrate marching like pirate as you say this) but when the music stops it means that the pirate captain is coming and they must jump down to the ground and start scrubbing the deck as quickly as they can so they don’t have to walk the plank (demonstrate jumping down and scrubbing the deck with your scarf as you say this)! Do not eliminate children or make anyone ‘out’. Rather, tell them that every time the music stops you are going to turn into the pirate captain and will be watching carefully to see who is jumping down quickly and ‘scrubbing the deck’ really well! Play the track and the children march. Pause the music sporadically and the children jump down and ‘scrub the deck’ with their scarves. At the end of the game, congratulate the children on doing a great job and tell them they’ve all won some magic sparkles that you will give them at the end of the party.
18. PARACHUTE ACTIVITY WITH HIDING: ‘All Around the Castle’ (sung to the traditional tune of ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’)
“Who knows where a princess lives (castle)? And can anyone name the scary monster that sometimes keeps the princess trapped inside the castle (dragon)? Now we’re going to play a game all about the dragon. But first you need to learn the special song.” Sing the song as you hold the imaginary parachute and lift it up high as you say “Roarrrrr” at the end. Next, take out the real parachute and the children hold onto its edges. They walk around in a circle as you sing the song. They keep the parachute still until “Roarrrrr” when they quickly lift it high into the air. Once the children understand the game, reveal the toy dragon (or crocodile) and place it on top of the parachute. Repeat the song several times with the dragon on top, tossing it high into the air on “Roarrrrr”.
NB: If the children are mostly three it may be easier to do this activity seated, moving the parachute from side to side to the pulse and lifting it up high at the end.
All around the castle,
The knight chased the dragon. The dragon thought it was all fun, “Roarrrrr” went the dragon.
Take the toy off and ask the children if they’d like to hide underneath. If there are 12 children or less they can take turns hiding under in groups of three. If there are more than 12 children, ask an adult to hold the other end of the parachute so all the children can hide under at once. Sing the song and lift the parachute up as you say “Roarrrrr” to reveal the hidden children. Repeat at least once if all the children are hiding at the same time. If the children have been taking turns, perform the activity one last time so they can all hide under at once.
19. ACTION SONG OR POEM TWO: ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ performed by Lucy Sparkles & Friends
“Princesses and pirates must have really clever brains so now we’re going to do the tricky version of ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ to see just how big and strong your brains are!” Play the track and perform the actions indicated by the lyrics. Don’t forget to sing a long and remind the children when to use their “thinking voices”. See if you can catch anyone out!
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