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        Colin Goode

        I  am  delighted  and  honoured  to  be  elected
        President  of  Lansdowne  FC  for  the  upcoming
        2020/21  season  and  welcome  all  members
        and visitors to our fine clubhouse and home in
        Lansdowne Road. I hope to rep-resent Lansdowne
        FC as well as our distinguished Past Presidents
        ha ve done since 1872. Although I only have to
        go back to last season and hope to emulate my
        predecessor 2019/20 President Derry Shaw whose
        term  was  unfortunately  cut  short  as  rugby  and
        indeed the world came to grips with the Covid -19
        Pandemic. Unfortunately, as much as we thought
        then Covid would a temporary problem for us it
        has continued into this season and has become
        part of our new reality going forward.
                                              and it was fitting that he has now been confirmed
        It  is  an  absolute  credit  and  a  source  of  pride   as an Honorary Life Member at our AGM in May.
        to  myself  and  all  of  our  members  that  when   Led by Mr Lansdowne our ever present Director
        the world was at its lowest Lansdowne FC was   of Senior Rugby, Stephen Rooney,  Coaches Mark
        at  its  brightest  and  we  as  a  club  stepped  up   McHugh & Ben Armstrong along with Scott Deasy
        to the mark and raised money for vital PPE for   and Philip Horan and the legend that is Paddy
        Frontline staff both within our area and around   Gore, all stepped up and guided our seniors to
        the country. Lansdowne is not just an area club   a great second half of last season and into the
        we  are  proud  to  have  members  all  over  the   play offs of the Energeia All Ireland League and
        country and indeed all over the globe. It is these   a place in the Bateman Cup Final. Unfortunately,
        members who continue to enable us to support   the season was cut short and the Bateman was
        very deserving charities by raising and donating   deemed shared by both ourselves and Cork Con
        substantial  amounts  every  year  for  very  worthy   who  we  were  on  course  to  meet  again  in  the
        causes  such  as  Pieta  House, The  Peter  McVerry   AIL Semi Finals. The backbone of the club is our
        Trust,  IRFU  Charitable  Trust  and  our  Frontline   Under 20s with our senior side regularly fielding
        workers  amongst  the  many  we  have  supported   75  to  80%  of  players  that  have  come  through
        in the past and will continue to support in the   our  hugely  successful  20s  system  and  indeed
        future. On behalf of our members I wish to thank   we had several current under 20s in the senior
        everyone involved but in particular Doug Leddin   team. Declan Fassbender will not like me saying
        & Derry Shaw for their great work in securing and   it, but his record speaks for itself, he has become
        distributing PPE to those in need.    and is the most suc-cessful under 20s coach in
                                              Ireland and is ably assisted by Ben Armstrong and
        We  also  had  to  endure  losing  our  long  time   Director  of  Under  20s  Rugby  Mark  MacMahon.
        Senior Head Coach Mike Ruddock to the Ospreys   They continued their unbeaten season of 2018 to
        in December last year. Mike left with all of our   just one league defeat last year and retained the
        best wishes and was a great addition to the club   JP  Fanagan  Premier  1  League Trophy  and  were

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