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fancied to do more damage in the cups before the
        season was halted. We are delighted to be able to
        add an addition Under 20 Pennant team this year
        with a resurgence of numbers directly attributed
        to  the  success  of  our  youth  system  and  under
        17’s in par-ticular. It is great to see these young
        men return to the club after their secondment to
        schools rugby  and we welcome new Head Coach
        Seb Berti who is very well assisted by returning
        player Clive Ross and are captained by grandson
        Luc  of  legendary  member  Paul Van  Cauwelaert
        aka Vanner. We  also  welcomed  Charlie  Doel  as
        new coach of the J1’s and they had a great season
        leading the league for most of the sea-son and
        losing out on the title in a tightly contested play
        off  final.  Charlie  along  with  the  energetic  John   indeed sport and rugby in particular. It seems as
        Kilroy are back again this season.  Our J2’s & J3’s   we will regrettably be stuck in a cycle of ups and
        have battled through a huge transition with over   downs  for  the  new  future,  but  we  are  resilient
        25 re-tirements of long-time players over the last   people and will come out stronger the other side
        couple of years and are now proving to be a force   of it whenever that is. We have ap-pointed our
        to  be  reck-oned  with  once  again.  Junior  rugby   new Club Covid 19 Safety Officer Kieran Walsh
        would simply have not survived without the hard   also  our  Club  Honorary  Secretary  who  has  his
        work and dedication of Director of Junior Rugby   team  of  Covid  19  compliance  officers  working
        Ian Hopkins who I can’t speak highly enough of   with him and overseeing all of the complicated
        the great work he does and that of Brian Whelan   new rules and regulations we must abide by if
        in particular who always has a smile on his face   we want a safe return to rugby so a big thank you
        along  with  Dave  Tunney  ,  Reg  White  and  Phil   to all of you.
        Donnellan we are lucky to have them involved.
                                               I  am  delighted  to  welcome  former  player  and
        We  welcome  close  to  400  minis  to  Lansdowne   two-time  club  Captain  Enda  Bohan  on  board
        every  week  and  the  organisation  at  this  level   as our new Chairman of Rugby, along with new
        is  a  sight  to  behold  with  parents,  coaches  and   Junior Vice President Mick Dawson (for the second
        players  swarming  around  Lansdowne  Road  in   time)  and  new  Club  Trustee  Oisin  O’Buchalla.
        club colours on a Sunday morning. It is a great   Enda  along  with  Mick  &  Oisin  who  need  no
        sight  to  see  and  to  all  of  you  involved  at  this   introduction  are  lifelong  Lansdowne  men  and
        level you bring a great vibrance and ex-citement   are  very  reassuring  and  capable  appointments
        to the club and produce the next generation to   during these strange times and bring a wealth of
        participate, play and run our club in the future.   experience and knowledge to vital areas of the
        Great  to  see  the  next  generation  of  Quinn’s   club.
        (Grandson  of  Mick  and  also  Son  of  Graham),
        Forrest’s  and  McCar-ron’s  along  with  my  on   I  am  also  very  pleased  to  welcome  Jack  Dwan
        nephew and Godson Harry all lining up for the   back  as  senior  captain  for  a  second  term  as  I
        under 6’s this year who no doubt will be the best   know  Jack  and  the  squad  feel  they  have  some
        looked after team in the club and will soon want   unfinished  business  from  last  season’s  abrupt
        to tour with seniors! Huge thanks to Brian Moran   end. It is a measure of the man that his fellow
        our Director of Mini & Youth Rugby and all of our   players voted him back in as Captain again this
        mums and dads volunteering their precious time.  year and I am extremely proud to have Jack back
                                               as  Lansdowne  FC  Club  Captain  for  my  year  as
        As I originally wrote this piece the Covid situation   president.
        was  growing  more  positive  every  day  and  the
        outlook has changed from doom and gloom to   No  more  than  our  members  we  are  blessed  to
        a more positive outlook both for our health and   have great staff in Lansdowne, and I look forward
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