Page 15 - Abraham Lincoln Hearse Narrative
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                 The Staab Family is a proud supporter of the effort to recreate
             President Abraham Lincoln’s hearse that carried him to his final
             place of honor in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois. Our
             Family thought it was of great importance to become a part of
             this special project to recall the responsibility and obedience
             President Lincoln had to the people and the veterans of this
                 President Lincoln  had the largest funeral  to date with an    PJ Staab II, Project Coordinator.
             estimated eight million people participating in or witnessing
             the procession as it travelled across the country. By embracing the 2015 Lincoln Funeral Re-
             enactment, we are creating an opportunity to reclaim the value of the funeral and procession.
                 We hope the Staab Family mission to “Remember, Educate & Heal” resonates with
             the world is not aware that it will be reconnected once again to the “Healing Spirit of Abraham
             Lincoln.” Please visit

             JACK G. FEATHER  A
                 Jack G. Feather, of Tombstone, AZ, is the finishing craftsman and lead builder of Phase III.
             Feather is a Vietnam combat veteran who served as a crew member aboard an Army assault
             helicopter (gun ship) as crew chief. A few years later he served a six
             year stint as an inflight technician aboard a Navy surveillance aircraft.
                 “PJ Staab II called me in fall 2013 and posed a question I never
             would have dreamed to be asked of me. ‘Are you interested in being the
             lead builder of the Abraham Lincoln hearse on behalf of our family?’”
             Feather recalls. “I took a breath and without hesitation said yes! Being a
             combat veteran, I know first-hand the importance of not forgetting the
             history that shapes our lives. I am honored to be a part of this project
             and find myself with a special purpose and mission to assemble the
             best team of combat veterans with the skills to make this happen.”
                 Feather  is  the  owner  of  Tombstone  Hearse  &  Trike  Company.
             Feather is known for his attention to detail and special ability to make
             a statement when it comes to a memorable service for one to cherish for many years to come.
                 In fact, his now well-known company was born after his vision in 2001 to design and build the
                                              prototype of a three-wheeled motorcycle hearse to offer another
                                              way  to  personalize  a  funeral  service.  Much  of  the  inspiration
                                              came from the “Black Moriah” - a famed hearse that carried many
                                              people to Boot Hill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona.
                                                  It was no easy task, but Feather’s exceptional craftsmanship
                                              and dedication resulted in a unique, quality vehicle for
                                              alternative funeral use to help celebrate the life of people all
                                              over the nation and abroad. Please visit

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