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        All workshops are virtual unless otherwise specified.

 Dear Friends,  bullying, school climate and culture, on page 56. The FEA Online   STAR ADVANTAGE: If you are a Premier Active, Private School,   Thanks to all of you for the leadership and professionalism
 Learning Suite provides an excellent opportunity for school and   or Organizational NJPSA member, don’t forget to choose one   you have shown throughout this pandemic. It has truly been
 It is hard to believe that a year has passed   district teams to learn, work, and grow together. Online learning   starred workshop or designated online courses per year (July   an inspiration to us all, and we are grateful for the tremendous
 since the beginning of the pandemic. It is   can be more conducive to teams, as you will not need to find   1 - June 30) at no cost. Other membership levels are not eligible   dedication you have shown to your students, staff, and
 encouraging to see optimism growing as more   coverage for simultaneous absences in your buildings.  for the Star Advantage Program. If you are unable to attend a   community. Enjoy the catalog and thank you for partnering with
 and more New Jerseyans are receiving the   program for which you have registered, call or write seven days   NJPSA/FEA for your professional learning needs. I hope to see
 COVID vaccine every day, and we can begin   LEGAL ONE: LEGAL ONE continues to expand and elevate   prior to the program date to request the STAR benefit be credited   you at one or more of our sessions.
 to look forward to a more realistic possibility of   its offerings to include not only live and pre-recorded online   back to your account.
 a return to pre-pandemic days in the not-too-distant future.   sessions and webinars on the legal topics that you need every
 year, but also new series, certificate programs, and packages of   IN-DISTRICT PROGRAMS: FEA also conducts in-district
 As educators, it is in our DNA to continuously reflect on what we   complementary courses that, taken together, can lead to in-depth   programs for almost every workshop we offer in which our   Sincerely,
 have learned during this year, and how we can best continue   applicable knowledge of the most comprehensive legal issues.   trainers work with your entire administrative team and teachers
 to provide the professional learning and school leadership   LEGAL ONE’s newest venture is the recent launch of the new   so that everyone can immediately apply the techniques you learn
 services you need and deserve. In this catalog, you will find the   LEGAL ONE Podcast, with new episodes available on Apple   and the knowledge you gain into your schools. In most years, we   Donna McInerney, Ed.D.
 FORWARD IN THE FALL SERIES of FEA professional learning   Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify every Monday.  would travel to your district to conduct these trainings in-person.   CEO of FEA
 programs, designed to address the most critical needs as you   This year, we are providing in-district training online through
 plan for spring and summer learning. All of our sessions will   PROFESSIONAL LEARNING SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Many   Zoom. We anticipate that soon we will be offering your choice of
 be held online through August 2021 and we are hopeful that in   school districts in New Jersey have already taken advantage of   in-person or remote in-district learning. For a program tailored to
 the coming months, we will begin to plan for a return to some   the Professional Learning Savings Account, through which they   your needs, contact Christy Stoehr at, or for
 in-person and hybrid learning perhaps as early as Fall 2021. In   fund an FEA account at $5,000 up front, and then use that money   requests regarding LEGAL ONE, please contact Ameena Terrell at
 the meantime, we have been bolstering our online professional   throughout the year for the professional learning needs of their
 learning offerings, utilizing several platforms for recorded, live,   staff. Benefits of this savings plan include reduced pricing for all
 and interactive sessions.   FEA and LEGAL ONE workshops, in-district workshops, and in-  SCHOOL LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS: Another important
 district coaching. The FEA savings account is also a great way   pathway of professional learning is through certification programs
 FEA ONLINE LEARNING SUITE: In addition to our current   to streamline the approval process with your Board by having all   that deepen your knowledge and expertise while advancing your
 LEGAL ONE online course offerings, we are extremely excited to   school or district professional learning costs approved at once,   career. At NJPSA/FEA, more than 2,000 educational leaders from
 announce a new suite of self-paced online courses addressing   until the $5,000 worth of programming is used. To learn more or   across the state have earned their Principal Certification (CE),
 the most relevant best practices, which are now available on the   sign up for the reminder of the current school year or for the 2021-  Supervisor Certification (Standard), and School Administrator
 Canvas platform. You can find more on these online courses,   22 school year, please contact Emil Carafa at  Certification (CE) through the NJEXCEL Program. Recently, we
 which include topics such as social-emotional learning, culturally   launched the NJTLC program leading to the Teacher Leader
 responsive practices, special education, formative assessment,   Endorsement. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming
 teaching and learning in a virtual environment, equity, anti-  information sessions.
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