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   The world is running out of oil but the rusty 17-year-old Pioneer could be the key to unlocking the Earth’s last oil reserves. We follow her extreme makeover as she’s converted into a state-of-the-art FPSO, a Floating, Processing, Storage and Offloading vessel. Capable of extracting deep-sea oil too dangerous for traditional oil rigs, if the makeover succeeds, the Pioneer will tap oil wells that lie at a record breaking 2.6km under the sea.
Right Angle Media/MDA Singapore/Off the Fence
A hilarious countdown of the black sheep of aviation, air crafts that have embarrassed their builders and terrified their pilots. These are stories of air crafts that should have never been built, including highly imaginative concepts to ‘fly’ tanks and jeeps directly onto the battlefield, a real flying saucer and frankly bizarre efforts to design and build a submarine that flies.
Fiveson Entertainment/Smithsonian Networks
‘V-Day: Volcanic Planet’ asks: what would happen if all of the world’s volcanoes erupted on a single day? Join scientists around the globe as they deploy the latest technology to understand and predict volcanic behaviour. Spectacular footage of past and current eruptions, puts us right in the heart of volcanoes. Then, by speeding up the action into a single day, we get a breathtaking new perspective on the remarkable forces that have shaped our planet for millions of years.
This series showcases the most incredible civil and military aircraft ever to have taken off, the most breathtaking tanks, spectacular ships and trains ever built, and finally presents the ultimate vehicles money can buy. Each episode features six of the most extravagant vehicles in the world, discussing technical details and the history behind these extraordinary means of transportation. These are truly the ultimate vehicles ever built.
Maximus Films
Discover the history of America in a bar glass. We examine how the creation of beer, wine and spirits touch every aspect of our history – from what the early colonists drank to the crops we grow. Each story examines a single spirit, which leads to revelations about the science, anthropology and history of a favourite alcoholic drink.
Smithsonian Networks
This film explores the dangers of cyber warfare, tracing its history from 1982. When the US knowingly allowed malicious software to be used on the USSR’s Trans- Siberian Natural Gas Pipeline, it caused the biggest non-nuclear explosion ever seen from space. In 2007, cyber attacks caused the websites of the Estonian parliament, banks, newspapers and broadcasters to be swamped. Learn about the world’s newest battle ground: cyber space.
    Pioneer Productions/Smithsonian Networks
Northern Light Productions
Ultimate Vehicles
6 x 60’, 2017, HD
 Ultimate Tanker
1 x 60’, 2010, HD
  Unbelievable Flying Objects
1 x 60’, 2007, HD
United States Of Drinking
1 x 60’, 2014, HD
 Weapons Of
Mass Disruption
1 x 60’, 2011, HD
 V-Day: Volcanic Planet
1 x 120’, 2018, 4K

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