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     We meet people challenging our society’s current power structures, looking to a future with greater social and climate justice. Tomorrow’s Power brings you to Arauca province in Colombia where communities are building a peace process from the bottom up; to Germany where activists are pushing leave behind the extraction of fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy; and to Gaza, where daily energy blackouts in hospitals is being tackled through solar power.
Carbon Rush Inc
A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is the ultimate in today’s high-tech military operations. Launching 27 tonne F-18 fighter jets from the flight deck in under two seconds makes an aircraft carrier one of the most dangerous work places in the world. Toughest Carrier Jobs gives inside access to the heroic men and women, high-tech equipment, and perilous jobs on board.
Indigo Films
Two friends with a love for aviation and adventure decide to design and build their own tiny aircraft. As if this isn’t challenge enough, they also want to fly the plane to Oshkosh, the world’s greatest air show. With the clock ticking down, they rush to complete the build of the plucky little plane that will become known as The Sling. With very little test flying done, they take off into the night... but will it be a bumpy landing?
From giant bulldozers to Kevlar vests and high-powered rifles, discover the technology and engineering that make some of the world’s toughest tasks possible. Tools of the Trade reveals how the machines and equipment that build roads, tear down buildings, beat roaring infernos and bust criminals really work, from the inside out, showing them in jaw-dropping action.
Jupiter Entertainment for National Geographic
As an extreme thrill, tornado chasing takes some beating. Come for the ride of your life as we follow tornado chasers criss-crossing the American Midwest, hunting Mother Nature’s most violent and unpredictable storms. With interviews with amateurs, guides and scientists, we explore why chasers become obsessed with the terrible, magnificent storms that plague ‘Tornado Alley.’
Indigo Films
Hidden from the public, there are heavily guarded government facilities all over the world dedicated to UFOs. Collating thousands of sightings, encounters, and happenings, UFOs Declassified delves deep into the top secret files. Kept secret for decades, these files allow us to investigate one of the great unanswered questions of our time: do UFOs really exist?
Tomorrow’s Power
1 x 60’ or 1 x 76’, 2016, HD
Tools Of The Trade
4 x 60’, 2006, HD
    Toughest Carrier Jobs
1 x 60’, 2009, HD
Twister Chasers
1 x 60’, 2006, HD
    Two Wings, Many Prayers
1 x 60’, 2012, HD
Valley Studios
Company X Studios
UFOs: Declassified
6 x 60’, 2014, HD

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