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    Every now and then giant clouds of plasma are ejected from the suns surface into space towards earth. A sun storm can cause severe damage, from power failures to the complete loss of satellites. We urgently need to learn more about the sun to be able to develop better defenses against its occasional outbursts. This film reveals the most recent findings, gathered by scientists from the 2012 superstorm that shall help protecting Earth’s infrastructure from future solar storms.
Terra Mater Factual Studios
Join automotive expert Simon Kidston as he takes you behind the wheel of six of the most distinctive ‘Supercars,’ known for their performance, exclusivity and price tag. These cars are definite eye-catchers: the Mercedes 300 SL, Lamborghini Miura, Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari F40, the McLaren F1 and the $2 million Bugatti Veyron, with a top speed of 400kph!
Mark Stewart Productions/Smithsonian Networks
Witness history in the making, as the US Navy redesigns the launch system behind supersonic fighter jets. Their inspiration: a technology found in amusement parks. That’s right, the same technology that propels rollercoasters is about to change the way fighter pilots fly into battle.
Spanning hundreds of acres and consuming enough electricity to power a small country – Super Factories are metropolises of mass construction. How do these gigantic factories create huge quantities of the biggest and baddest machines around? We reveal the ins and outs, the challenges and triumphs, the how’s and why’s of the most intriguing production powerhouses of our time.
Hoff Productions
The USS Ronald Reagan is the world’s most powerful aircraft carrier and a floating piece of America. It’s a powerful weapon, swarming with planes, explosives and thousands of the Navy’s best crew. From the flight deck to the cockpit to the captain’s chair, we are taking a behind the scenes look at the American military’s ultimate weapon.
Indigo Films
Humanity faces a turning point – the next stage in the evolution of the human brain – and it’s being driven by machines. This two-part documentary investigates the phenomenon, introduces the players and asks: what are the real-world consequences of a super brain? In the process we meet young, innovative thinkers who are using technology to unlock our own in-born mind-abilities.
The Sun: Inferno
In The Sky
1 x 60’, 2018, 4K
 Super Factories
6 x 60’, 2007, HD
     The Supercar Story
1 x 30’, 2007, HD
2 x 60’, 2007, HD
Rise Of The Mind
2 x 60 or 1 x 74’, 2017, 4K
1 x 60’, 2010, HD
 Indigo Films
Terra Mater Factual Studios

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