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     With more than 27 years of service, the space shuttle discovery has clocked more time in space than any other shuttle. She has flown more than 148 million miles, and has become one of the most storied spacecraft in American history. Join us as we celebrate her remarkable past and follow her final flight.
Smithsonian Networks
A demolition team’s mission - to sink the USS Oriskany, a 900 foot long aircraft carrier, the most complex and best built ship in naval warfare, to create the largest artificial reef in the world. Battling through 4 inch thick steel plating and hazardous waste, the team discovers the secret of sinking an aircraft carrier, and in the process, write a new chapter in marine demolition.
Parallax Film Productions
Speed... water... danger... they are the three ingredients that make professional powerboat racing the most death-defying sport in the world. At speeds often exceeding 200mph, brave pilots launch themselves through wind and waves for a chance at victory. Their boats are marvels of science and engineering - but even the best pilots face disaster.
This is an engineering story about building the world’s ultimate multi-function sports complex. Costing more than a billion US dollars, this ambitious project includes an ingenious indoor aquatic centre, a multi-purpose arena, water sports centre, and retail facilities. Follow the construction team over 2 years as they face tight deadlines, unexpected obstacles, and high risk construction procedures. It’s all in the story of Sinapore’s Field of Dreams...
Beach House Pictures
Operation Trident Fury is a gathering of powerful Air and Naval forces for a live fire exercise off the Pacific coast. Weapons systems and settings are pushed to the limit with the goal of sinking the destroyer, HMCS Huron and results in fierce competition from air and naval forces to deal the fatal blow.
Parallax Film Productions
We go behind the closed doors of China’s Space City to show the astronaut candidates’ rigorous training and testing regime. So great was the secrecy around the space programme that the name of the first astronaut wasn’t made public until after he was in orbit. Yang Liwei blasted off as an unknown pilot, returning as China’s first space hero!
Shuttle Discovery’s
Last Mission
1 x 60’, 2013, HD
    Sinking Of An Aircraft Carrier
1 x 60’, 2006, SD
Sinking The Destroyer
1 x 60’, 2007, HD
    SOS: The Science Of
Speedboat Accidents
1 x 60’, 2005, SD
Hoff Productions
Right Angle Media
Field Of Dreams
1 x 60’, 2014, HD
Space Hero: China’s
First Man In Space
1 x 60’, 2006, SD

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