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    This is the story of Australian entrepreneur and aviation enthusiast, David Mayman, as he strives to achieve his childhood dream of building and flying his very own Rocket Belt, only to discover he faces a nearly impossible task. Collaborating with the world’s leading Rocket Belt engineers, David risks life and limb to become the world’s next Rocket man.
Firelight Productions/Paperback Films
These two-hour specials investigate the surprising science behind the seasons. Science of summer explores everything from why it gets hot and how sunscreen works. In science of Winter we learn why snowflakes are white, how salt de- ices roads and how a ski jumper simulates a snowy landing while training in the summer months.
LMNO Productions
Shaun Ryder, devout believer in extraterrestrials, and front-man of the infamous band ‘The Happy Mondays’ presents this scientific yet humorous look at the life beyond the pale blue dot. From Aboriginal caves to Area 51; Robbie Williams to Stephen Hawking, this is an epic road-trip around the globe, and the galaxy, in search of the truth.
We’ve witnessed strange talents and bizarre physical attributes on high-rated shows like Ripley’s Believe It or Not and the Guinness Book of World Records but how are these acts possible? This series probes strange cases through a scientific lens. Aided by leading doctors, physicists and pain scientists, we analyse and decode the mysteries behind these freak phenomena, explaining the inexplicable, and proving the impossible – possible.
Atlas Media Corp/National Geographic Channel
Can science make you sexier? Podcaster Sandra Daugherty, aka ‘Sex Nerd Sandra,’ dives into the fascinating science of sexual attraction in this special report. What really makes one person attracted to another? From flirtatious accessibility cues to dishonest signals, researchers reveal tricks of the trade we’re all using -- whether we realise it or not. Sandra profiles the newest dating apps that promise their algorithms can find your perfect mate.
Fusion Original Production
For thousands of years we have traded by sea. In the past few hundred years, explorers have ventured out into the unknown, forging a path to a multi-billion dollar industry in the 21st century. Today, 95% of the world’s cargo is moved on ships. ‘Shipping the World’ explores the cutting edge, super-sized world of today’s shipping industry. A story that is part science, part social history, of how our amazing inventive spirit, and our willingness to dream big built one of the largest industries
in the world. WildBear Entertainment
Rocket Compulsion
1 x 60’, 2011, HD
Science Impossible
6 x 60’, 2009, HD
    Science Of
Summer & Winter
2 x 60’, 2007, HD
   Shaun Ryder
4 x 60’, 2013, HD
back2back Productions
The Search For Sexy
1 x 30’, 2015, HD
  Shipping The World
4 x 60’, 2019, HD

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