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    Space exploration is never easy. The Mars Curiosity Rover is an incredible 21st century machine. Everything was new from the rocket science to simply steering in space! Now NASA is sizing up new challenges: developing travel into deep space, with the goal of sending humans to an asteroid, or even Mars, and preparing for the possibility that someday, we may be forced to leave Earth in order to save our species.
Brook Lapping/Smithsonian Networks
Disaster strikes quickly and indiscriminately. There is no time to think, and barely enough time to act. The simplest choice may prove fatal or it could save your life, but how do you know which choice is the right one? Split Second tells victims’ tales through cutting-edge graphics and high-octane stunts to recreate that fateful moment of choice...
Engel Brothers Media
People have an insatiable and timeless appetite for the bizarre. Modern media is an incubator of hysteria and excitement, as strange and unexplained stories gain traction and capture the public mind. In Strange World, our host, journalist Alex Hannaford, travels the planet in search of the truth behind these mysteries. This is a one-stop-shop for all your conspiracy theory urges!
Web shooting, spider speed and the ability to defy gravity - just a few of the skills in Spider-Man’s arsenal that give new meaning to the phrase, “catching bad guys.” This show allows us a look at the science that might make it possible to be a super hero for real.
Prometheus Entertainment
Stealth: Flying Invisible uncovers the history of the quest for the ultimate undetectable aircraft - the Stealth aircraft. From the U-2 to the F-11 Nighthawk, this programme tells the story of stealth technology through the eyes of the scientists, historians and aviators who developed and evolved this technology.
Fiveson Entertainment/Smithsonian Networks
The price of oil is rising. The industry justifies increased costs with the search for hidden oil reservoirs and the development of new technologies. But is the race against empty gas stations winnable? This film enters the backstage of one of today’s most sophisticated and ambitious scientific adventures: how to meet our extraordinary supply challenge. The clock is ticking.
Space Voyages
4 x 60’, 2013, HD
    Split Second
2 x 60’, 2005, HD
Stealth: Flying Invisible
1 x 60’, 2007, HD
    Strange Worlds
8 x 60’, 2016, 4K
Tern and Off the Fence
Anthro Media
Spider-Man Tech
1 x 60’, 2007, HD
The Struggle For Oil
1 x 60’, 2011, HD

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