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   From the successful breaking of the sound barrier in 1947 to high performance supersonic fighter jets, to the recent NASA advances and civilian jet projects for crossing the Atlantic in only 3.5 hours, this documentary recounts 70 years of human and technological challenges. For long, the sound barrier was considered unbreakable. To approach it, engineers have imagined since the 1940’s ever more innovative engines. Today, breaking the sound barrier is perfunctory for army jet pilots. But it hasn’t always been the case...
What makes teenagers do the things they do? Cambridge anatomist David Bainbridge and NIH Neurologist Jay Giedd investigate the neuroscience responsible for the Molotov cocktails, skateboard stunts and beer-chugging contests—and how these same adolescents can turn around and invent multi-billion dollar companies.
Merit Motion Productions
In the high-octane realm of the world’s fastest vehicles, daredevil drivers and pilots put their lives on the line and high-tech engineering to the ultimate test. There are skids, dives, spins and bone-crushing collisions at up to 500 mph. The quest for victory can turn to catastrophe in a sickening split second...
This show deconstructs and explains our reactions in the face of disasters. Why do we freeze in the middle of a fire? Why do our senses of sight and hearing change in an emergency? Why do things seem to move more slowly? And most importantly, how do we override these instincts to help us survive and thrive?
Santa Fe Productions
‘Target Zero: Preventing HIV Transmission’ shows the challenge and emotional complexity of the fight to control HIV infection. It features real-life patient stories, state of the art molecular animations, and interviews with medical professionals and scientists. These accounts illuminate the history of the HIV epidemic and reveal the ongoing need for compassionate, patient-centered care and a true understanding of the science behind the treatments.
MedCine LLC
Tokyo: a city of contrasts inhabited by 12 million people. A mass of makeshift structures, like the wooden teahouses, press up against high rise glass towers. Tokyo will never slow down and it continues to grow at a frightening pace. To accommodate such rapid growth you need architectural and technological innovations that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
The Great Adventure
1 x 60’ or 1 x 90’, 2019, HD
 Bleu Kobalt
Surviving Disaster
1 x 60’, 2011, HD
   Target Zero: Preventing
HIV Transmission
1 x 60’, 2017, 4K
 Surviving The Teenage Brain
1 x 60’, 2011. HD
   Hoff Productions
Hearst Entertainment/Actuality Productions
Tokyo: Living Small
In The Big City
1 x 60’, 2007, HD
 Thrills & Spills
3 x 60’, 2006, HD

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