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     Plastic: The Real Sea Monster
1 x 60’, 2012, HD
Toxic plastic pollution dumped in the sea is a major environmental concern, affecting both sea life and humans. But millions of tonnes of waste are currently unaccounted for. Where has the plastic gone? The world’s scientists are on the verge of solving a mystery that might uncover one of the biggest ecological disasters of our times.
Werwiewas Medienproduktion
An American pilot spotted the first ‘flying saucers’ in 1947, over Mount Washington. He coined the phrase to describe the disc-shaped craft which hovered above him and heralded the age of UFOs. Many were convinced these were alien spacecrafts, others were just bewildered; governments and the media scoffed at the idea of alien transport, but others knew better.
David Monaghan Productions/HTV West/Top Notch/Off the Fence
Join us on a one-of-a-kind journey to a place that’s more extreme, more hostile — and unexplored — than outer space. A place with more resources to gain, and more undiscovered life to protect, than anywhere in our universe. A place where only one vehicle can take you. A place so dangerous, that only two drivers know how... Until now. Australian journalist Rachael Thornton gains unprecedented access to the first major Chinese expedition to the deep sea.
Quest shines light on cutting-edge scientific discoveries and goes behind the scenes with some of the world’s top researchers to investigate important stories. Covering developments in astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, the environment, geology, health, physics and the weather, Quest delves deep into subject matter often inaccessible to the public.
Indigo Films
In an age of sustainability, Responsible Business is a window into the leading global corporations that shape our world. Often in partnership with governments, NGO’s and other international organisations, they are trouble-shooting some of the greatest challenges facing our world today. Not only to improve corporate reputation or increase profits, but because it’s the right thing to do.
Global Initatives
In this series, photographer Kadir van Lohuizen investigates the consequences of rising sea levels. As we travel the world, we find the effect of this rise already being felt. Water touches on some of the biggest issues facing our planet today: climate change, energy supply, poverty, population, agriculture, urbanisation and migration. The result is a series that paints a confrontational image of the near future in a stirring way.
  The Real Flying Saucers
1 x 60’, 2004, SD
38 x 30’, 2010, HD
  Responsible Business
13 x 30’, 2008, SD
    Riding The Ocean Dragon
1 x 60’, 2017, HD
Sealight Pictures and CITVC
Rising Tide
4 x 60’, 2019, 4K

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