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   Back for a second series, this fascinating treasure trove of the best available film from the 20th Century digs into Australia’s social, political and economic history. It has been fetched from the archive, cleaned up and put together in a way that makes sense of modern Australia. That’s not all: after painstaking research, glorious colour has been added, making the past visible in colour for the first time. It means this exploration of Australia pulsates with life, energy and meaning. Across the four episodes in this new series, we’ll dig deep into Family, Australian’s at Play, Crime and Punishment and Australian Made.
New Series Stranger Than Fiction Films
WWII caused military deaths estimated between 21-25 million and civilian deaths between 50-55 million. It will go down in history as one of the deadliest world events, with even more lives being taken off the battlefield. ‘Hell on Earth: WWII’ uses international resources and experts to tell this story from a global perspective. Along with rare eyewitness testimony, archive stills and footage which has been beautifully colourised for the first time emphasise the human impact of the war.
The world has many castles, each with their own history, secrets and legends. Some because of religious or military matters, others because of love, family and jealous affairs. From the prison halls of Lincoln Castle in Britain, to Braganca Castle in Portugal where D. Leonor stabbed her unfaithful husband. Join us as we travel to the many British, German, Spanish & Portuguese cities decorated with astonishing medieval castles to see how the different cultures left traces of their presence in these mysterious constructions. Through the mist and secrets, legends were born, legends about ghosts, appearances, strange noises and superstitions. The series will take you to some of these amazing buildings by air and land.
Zona Mixta
Back for a second series, detailing events of the last days of WWII and ‘Hilter’s Last Stand’. On June 6th, 1944, the Allies finally land troops in Normandy to open the western front. But after the surprise of the D-Day landings and Allied advances, Nazi loyalists dig in, determined to keep a merciless grip on the towns, strongholds and fortresses of occupied Europe to defend the Third Reich. These are the stories of desperate battles waged on the edge of defeat, not just for victory but for survival.
Castles: Secrets,
Mysteries and Legends
4 x 60’, 2020, 4K
 Australia In Colour
8 x 60’, 2019-2020, HD
    Hell On Earth: WWII
8 x 60’, 2021, HD
Wildbear Entertainment/Cut2Clock
New Series Parallax Film Productions
Hitler’s Last Stand
10 x 60’, 2018-2020, HD

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