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   Never before have so many scientists in so many countries focused on a single goal with such urgency. More than 180 companies and academic institutions have grounded all other research as they race to create a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 and save millions of lives. Yet creating a vaccine is a stunningly difficult challenge. Normally it takes 15 years. But governments have dictated a tense new timeline – just 18 months - despite the fact that scientists are developing the vaccine while fighting the coronavirus. ‘The Global Vaccine Race’ will document this dramatic race from the inside with unique access to the top researchers in the world who are creating the vaccine – BioNTech/Pfizer; Imperial College London; Canada’s Entos Pharmaceuticals; and China’s CanSino.
Plane Crash Recreated
Pre-Sale -10 x 60’, 2021, HD
‘Pass The Salt’ is an investigation into one of our most fundamental elements: salt. It’s an exploration that takes us from far beneath the earth’s crust, to the inner depths of the human body – a search for the real answers to a mounting debate about the benefits and dangers of sodium chloride (table salt). One would think that our understanding of something as basic as salt (sometimes referred to as “the fifth element”) would be straightforward, but the humble salt-shaker holds many mysteries.
Pass The Salt
1 x 60’, 2020, HD
 The Global Vaccine Race
Pre-Sale - 1 x 60’, 2021, HD
Markham Street Films
 Infield Fly Productions Inc
 Red Heaven
1 x 90’, 2019, HD
    ‘Plane Crash Recreated’ explains and investigates the world’s most infamous plane crashes. Using survivor stories, expert interviews and black-box data, we will experience the final harrowing moments on board these notorious flights. But could the outcome have been different? Using a team of highly skilled test pilots and our own cutting edge flight simulator, we show you the extreme pressure inside the cockpit. When faced with failure, our military, commercial, aerobatic and test-pilots will need to make split-second life-or-death decisions. How will their vastly different training affect their outcome? And with the benefit of hindsight, what would they do differently?
SWR Media/Off the Fence Distribution/Dash
In preparation for the first human mission to Mars, six volunteers take part in the ultimate dress rehearsal, living inside a year-long NASA simulation to understand the psychological effects of isolation on the human mind. ‘Red Heaven’ goes beyond the technological challenges of space exploration and looks at the psychological and emotional tolls of what happens when we finally reach our extraterrestrial destination. Are we capable of adapting to life on a hostile planet?
Raised by Wolves Productions LLC
For over 100 years the Titanic wreck has sat at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and has fascinated historians, scientists, and the public alike. Now under a new threat from bacteria that consumes iron, some experts predict it will disappear in less than 20 years. With an all-new approach, ‘Titanic: Into the Heart of the Wreck’ brings together six heroes of Titanic exploration including James Cameron & Paul- Henry Nargeolet; to tell us about their extraordinary underwater odysseys and their missions aimed at preserving the last remains of the Titanic. Bleu Kobalt
Titanic: Into The
Heart Of The Wreck
1 x 60’ or 1 x 90’, 2020, HD (4K upon request)

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