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   In an extraordinary long-term project, ‘America’s 2020’ takes you on a journey past Trumps rants and the usual headlines of the past 3 years. We hear what America really thinks and feels by shifting the focus away from politicians and commentators onto the American people. Alongside footage from the black lives matter protests and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we dive deeper than ever before. Across five episodes we follow 15-20 protagonists as they voice their fears, hopes and dreams in the build up to the 2020 US elections.
America’s 2020
5 x 60’, 2020, HD
 Nordend Film
1 x 60’, 2014, 4K
Cosmic Picture
Marta, a 15-year-old Spanish student is moved to investigate what is failing in children’s education, especially in developing countries. Along with her friend Berta they use their summer holidays to travel to the island of Ibo in Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world. Here they find a system of sustainable education that has been running for years, a place where charity and free help are considered the worst stimulus for growth. Marta will try to understand, through interviews with relevant experts, the reasons why in such a globalized world there is still such a poor education system. Marta then travels to the world forum of education at the United Nations, where she has the opportunity to present her experiences to the international community.
The Irish Homeless Street Leagues take a unique approach to helping homeless people and recovering addicts reclaim their lives by using the power of sport. The film follows a group of players as they rise from their daily struggles to compete on the world stage in the Homeless World Cup, finding self-worth and a sense of purpose along the way. Featuring contributions from actor Colin Farrell (the ambassador for the team), the film showcases the dramatic ripple effect that’s possible within any society when its marginalized members are empowered to fulfill their true potential.
 Gondola Films
 Jerusalem takes audiences on an inspiring and eye-opening tour of one of the world’s oldest and most enigmatic cities. Destroyed and rebuilt countless times over 5,000 years, Jerusalem’s enduring appeal remains a mystery. What made it so important to so many different cultures? How did it become the centre of the world for three major religions? ‘Jerusalem’ attempts to answer these questions and more by following three young Jerusalemites and their families of different faiths - Jewish, Christian and Muslim.
    Romano Cagnoni was an international, award-winning photographer, known as one of the foremost photographers of the 20th century. His work has been featured on the cover and front page of nearly every significant news magazine and paper in Europe and the United States. He is most known for his documentary ‘Work of the Wars’ and ‘Conflicts Around the Globe’ and this is his last interview.
Romano Cagnoni:
War Photographer
1 x 60’, 2020, HD
Travel House Media
Bankhouse Productions
A Light In The Darkness
1 x 90’ or 1 x 60’, 2020, 4K
 Street Leagues
1 x 60’, 2019, HD
People & Culture

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