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    This two part series showcases Egypt’s rich ancient history, world heritage sites, and vibrant modern culture all from the air. A truly once in a lifetime bird’s-eye view of Egypt’s treasures, exploring its history, current affairs and its huge projects for the future. With unprecedented access, visit the historical sites of Egypt, including the Aswan High and Low Dam, the Valley of the Kings, and the New Administrative Capital as this series captures Egypt from a never before seen perspective. Join us as we travel to the Egyptian cities of Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, Fayum, Siwa, Alexandria, Port-Said, Western desert, The Mediterranean & Red sea. Ancient sites include; Giza Plateau, Sphinx, Hatchepsut Temple, and the dazzling Philae and Abu Simbel.
In an age where a simple click is all it takes to download vast amounts of information and the world is more globalised, more merged and less distinctive. People are looking for something different, for places with an individual spirit, with public spaces, theatres, shops, cafes, and restaurants; inhabited by artisans who are passionate about their work and enjoy the spontaneity of living together as a community. Journey with us as we search for little known tourist-free destinations to discover towns rich in ancient traditions, with secret delicious local cuisine, traditional crafts and folk music passed down from generation to generation. Where better to look for hidden gems than beautiful Italy? Back with a further 10 episodes showcasing ‘Italy’s Hidden Beauty’.
‘The Great Way’ takes us on a journey to the world´s greatest hiking routes, finding stories that reveal the reasons for the walking nature of the human being. A round- the-world trip through the people of the trails, that connects us with earth and takes us back to our roots. Alba and Raul get their backpacks ready and start the journey that takes them from Japan to Peru, passing through the United States and also making the Santiago Way. On the way they meet hikers and pilgrims travelling on all kinds of journeys; natural, spiritual and cultural and discover the many reasons they chose to walk.
Meteórica Cine
Japan is famous for its distinctive seasons. Everybody knows spring’s cherry blossoms in Tokyo, summer’s tropical beaches in Okinawa, autumn tints in Kyoto, and winter’s powder snow in Hokkaido. However, there is much more to know about the seasons in Japan. Dramatic seasonal changes have been creating beautiful natural phenomenon you’ll have never seen before. Under the harsh conditions of each season, amazing endemic wildlife are living wisely. Season by season, people in Japan have their own way of paying respect to nature. Discover the seasons of Japan through the traditional lifestyle of the people and the constant changes of nature and wildlife.
Aerial Egypt
2 x 60’, 2020, 4K
Soura Films
The Great Way
4 x 60’ or 1 x 90’, 2020, 4K
    Italy’s Hidden Beauty
50 x 30’, 2017-2021, HD
SD Cinematografica
Tokyovision/Off the Fence Productions
Japan: The Sense Of Season
2 x 60’, 2020, 4K
Travel & Adventure

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