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   Of all the dark forms that murder can take, the slaying of an entire family by the father is one of the most tragic and the least understood. Experts call this phenomenon familicide - or family annihilation. Told for the first time through compelling stories by those with direct experience of familicide, this documentary delves deep into the male mind in an attempt to understand the psychology that drives men to destroy their wife, children - and very often themselves. In doing so, we expose and challenge long held beliefs and misconceptions that surround this tragic phenomenon.
Off the Fence Productions
‘Where She Lies’ tells the true story of an assaulted teen, Peggy Phillips, who gives birth out of wedlock in Tennessee in 1962. Peggy receives conflicting narratives about her infant’s fate, with a doctor claiming that her baby had passed, and another, Peggy’s mother, that the baby is still alive. After a series of new attempts to uncover the truth, including exhuming her infant’s alleged grave, Peggy reaches an impasse. Ten years later, a documentarian helps Peggy uncover the truth about what happened. Through its investigation of false narratives, memory, and motherhood, the film explores the gas-lighting and discrimination that Peggy faced as a sexual assault survivor in the 1960’s deep south.
Gravitas Ventures/Zemma Productions
When Garrett Rodriguez left home in San Diego to seek his fortune in the marijuana fields of Northern California, friends and family warned him to be careful. Within a year he had vanished, kicking off a series of bloody events that haunt Humboldt County to this day. Now, against the backdrop of marijuana legalization, Humboldt’s secretive outlaws are speaking out for the first time about Garrett’s fate and the group of vigilantes who tried to serve justice in a lawless land.
Lightbox/Fusion Media Network/Netflix
On February 21st, 1965, Malcolm X was murdered in New York City. Within days the NYPD had three suspects in custody. They were tried, found guilty, and sentenced to prison, but only one ever confessed. Activist Abdur Rahman Muhammad was convinced a great injustice had been committed against the two men who claimed their innocence. Now, after years of pursuing the case, Muhammad may have uncovered who fired the fatal shot that brought down the civil rights icon, can he finally discover who really killed Malcolm X? Fusion Media Network/Netflix
Family Man
1 x 60’, 2020, HD
Where She Lies
1 x 90’, 2020, HD
This series reveals the true experience of being wrongfully convicted and the impact that lasts well beyond the prison bars. Each episode explores the harrowing story of a person who was convicted of a crime they didn’t commit and their fight to prove their innocence in a court of law. Through a first-hand account from the exoneree themselves and supporting interviews with those close to the case, the crime and trial are critically examined to find flaws and falsehoods in the original conviction that prove their innocence.
Innocent Behind Bars
8 x 60’, 2020, HD
 Vivid Page Media
  Murder Mountain
6 x 60’, 2018, HD
    Who Killed Malcolm X?
6 x 60’, 2019, HD

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