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The Last Horns Of Africa
1 x 90’, 2020, HD
‘The Last Horns Of Africa’ looks at the current rhino poaching war raging across Africa. We follow the journeys of two conservation heroes who put their lives on the line to protect the rhino in their care, all the while a top-secret, covert operation endeavours to bring down South Africa’s most notorious rhino poaching syndicates. With never-before-seen footage of South Africa’s largest undercover wildlife investigation and interviews with poachers, the filmmakers risk their lives as they are thrust into the underground world of illicit rhino horn deals organized by South Africa’s ruthless rhino poaching kingpins.
White Spark Pictures/Banovich Studios/Cross Border Productions
Mongols: The Secret History
1 x 90’ or 3 x 60’, 2020, HD
In this immersive and dramatic series, we dig deep into history to uncover the true story of the Mongols, from the powerful genius of Genghis Khan to the great buildings, reforms and remarkable legacies of his successors. We’ll meet leading researchers working across Asia, travelling from the extraordinary landscapes of the Mongol heartlands, including recreating the spectacular lost city of Xanadu, to the rich territory of southern China and beyond.
Lion Television
A Light In The Darkness
1 x 90’ or 1 x 60’, 2020, 4K
Marta, a young Spanish teenager is moved to investigate what is failing in children’s education, especially in developing countries. After travelling to the island of Ibo in Mozambique, where they experience a system of sustainable education that has been running for years, Marta will try to understand, through interviews with relevant experts, the reasons why in such a globalized world there is still such a poor education system. Marta then travels to the world forum of education at the United Nations, where she has the opportunity to present her experiences to the international community.
    Director: Garath De Bruno Austin
Director: Jose M. Borrell
Gondola Films
Red Heaven
1 x 90’, 2020, HD
    Directors: Stuart Elliott and Giles Harrison
Directors: Lauren DeFilippo & Katherine Gorringe
In preparation for the first human mission to Mars, six volunteers take part in the ultimate dress rehearsal, living inside a year-long NASA simulation to understand the psychological effects of isolation on the human mind. ‘Red Heaven’ goes beyond the technological challenges of space exploration and looks at the psychological and emotional tolls of what happens when we finally reach our extraterrestrial destination. Are we capable of adapting to life on a hostile planet? Shot by the subjects themselves over the course of the mission, ‘Red Heaven’ vividly captures what happens when humans are isolated from planet Earth.
Raised by Wolves Productions LLC Where She Lies
1 x 90’, 2020, 4K
This is the story of assaulted teen Peggy Phillips, who gives birth out of wedlock in Tennessee in 1962. After conflicting stories about the child’s fate and a death bed revelation years later by Peggy’s mother that the child is alive, Peggy spends years trying to uncover the truth. With the help of a documentarian and friend the truth is finally revealed and through its investigation of false narratives, memory, and motherhood, this film explores the gas-lighting and discrimination that Peggy faced as a sexual assault survivor in the 1960’s deep south.
Gravitas Ventures/ Zemma Productions
Titanic: Into The Heart Of
The Wreck
1 x 90’ or 1 x 60’, 2020, HD (4K upon request)
For over 100 years the Titanic wreck has sat at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and has fascinated historians, scientists, and the public alike. Now under a new threat from bacteria that consumes iron, some experts predict it will disappear in less than 20 years. With an all-new approach, ‘Titanic: Into the Heart of the Wreck’ brings together six heroes of Titanic exploration to tell us about their extraordinary underwater odysseys and their missions aimed at preserving the last remains of the Titanic.
Bleu Kobalt
    Director: Thomas Risch
Director: Zach Marion
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