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    ‘My Greek Odyssey’ takes viewers to some of the most spectacular and unique islands in Greece. But don’t go thinking it’s just another travel show – this is far from the ordinary! Centred around the charismatic and larger-than-life Peter Maneas with his rags to riches story. From humble beginnings, Peter has built himself a highly successful business and is now the proud owner of a superyacht called “Mia Zoi” (One Life). In this exciting series Peter will cruise on his yacht throughout the Greek Islands, focusing on places that rarely get a mention in mainstream media and exploring the rich history, culture, cuisine and unique people he meets along the way. ‘My Greek Odyssey’ will entertain, educate and inspire viewers to make the Greek Islands their next holiday destination!
Explorers Reza Pakravan and Pip Stewart set off on a breathtaking journey through the greatest rainforest on earth – the Amazon. Travelling the river by boat and the notorious Trans Amazonian Highway by bicycle they meet the Tembe Tribe whose land is under threat from illegal loggers, before travelling to the Munduruku, an indigenous community fighting the destruction of the Amazon. Reza and Pip then learn how cattle ranching has the potential to destroy or sustain the rainforest. In Peru they visit an eco-tourism lodge with a promising vision for the Amazon’s future. Before cycling up and over the Andes, to end their journey.
‘Raw Travel’ is a one-of-a-kind series showcasing the growing popularity of socially and environmentally conscious travel; celebrating the self-discovery that authentic cultural experiences can bring. Robert Rose invites viewers to shed their fears, crack out their passports, and strap on their backpacks. Back with a further 16 episodes, join Robert as he travels to Florida and Texas, sails around Raja Ampat in Indonesia, discovers Busan and the island of Jeju in South Korea before going back to Medellin Rock, Colombia. Robert continues his travels to Istanbul, Turkey, Ukraine, Southern China and Hong Kong before introducing us to the tribes of Southern Ethiopia and showing us the true culture of Bali!
New Series AIM TV Group
Travel the world with friends and modern day explorers Gabriele and Ludovico as they use an array of unconventional vehicles, looking for the best possible experiences. Journey with them as they explore Ethiopia in tuks tuks, experience poor car rental in Morocco, use public transport in Myanmar and the legendary ‘car- rapide’ in Senegal. Their unique transportation choices continue as they traverse Madagascar and New Zealand in a 60’s style hippy van, survey Sri Lanka in a school bus and investigate Iceland on bikes. They reach for the end of the world in Japan with a washing machine and take part in a UNHCR mission meeting Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
My Greek Odyssey
41 x 60’, 2018-2020, HD & 4K
The Rusty Cage
Raw Travel
114 x 30’, 2013-2020, HD
6 x 30’, 2017, HD
AOK Media House
Travel House Media
The World In Slow Motion
52 x 15’, 2020, HD (4K upon request)
Travel & Adventure

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