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   Along South America’s western coast, Earth’s perfect storm brews all of the right ingredients to foster biodiversity. The Humboldt Current promotes a food web that can support the largest creatures to ever live on our planet, and encourages life to thrive in places where it should be barren. This cold marine highway flows from the tip of Patagonia to the equator, sometimes snaking close to shore and occasionally veering towards the open ocean - but mammals, fish, and birds depend on its bounty during every mile of its long journey. Powered by deep-sea upwelling from Antarctica, this chilly ocean river is responsible for the extreme dryness of the Atacama Desert and the moist, temperate rainforests of Chille. We’ll reveal the catalysts behind the current’s powerful life-giving engine as we follow it from the frozen south to the scorching north during three unique episodes: Genesis, Journey and Arrival.
See the Chinese Guizhou Golden Monkeys as never seen before. Mysterious, noble and beautiful, with their big eyes, snub nose and thick lips, these playful characters are filmed in their natural habitat, the Fanjingshan (UNESCO World Natural Heritage Reserve) for the first time. With only five species of Golden Monkey’s in the world the Guizhou Golden Monkey are the rarest with a population of less that 800. This film shows, the images captured by China’s scientific research station in the Fanjing Mountains, of the Guizhou Golden Monkey population, taken by infrared camera’s over the last few years. It is also the first time these monkeys have been filmed using 4K ultra-high-definition video equipment to capture their activity in the wilderness.
The Humboldt Current
Pre-Sale - 3 x 60’, 2021, 4K
Guizhou Golden Monkey
& Fanjing Mountains
1 x 60’, 2021 4K
 China Media Group (Directors: Dong YAN, Hong ZHANG)
 VisionHawk Films & Prospect TV/CuriosityStream/ Off the Fence
  There are few places left unexplored in the world, let alone in Europe. Welcome to a hidden paradise, Lake Balaton, the largest body of freshwater in Central Europe. Formed in the last Ice Age by tectonic forces, nature continues to impact the lake today. Join us on this journey to see predatory asps, marvel at glossy ibis, grey and night herons, join wild cats hunting and observe European bee-eaters and ground squirrels raising the next generation!
Terra Mater Factual Studios
With unprecedented access, ‘The Last Horns Of Africa’ is a gripping and intimate look at the current rhino poaching war raging across Africa. We follow the journeys of two conservation heroes who put their lives on the line to protect the rhino in their care, all the while a top-secret, covert operation endeavors to bring down South Africa’s most notorious rhino poaching syndicates. With never-before-seen footage of South Africa’s largest undercover wildlife investigation and interviews with poachers, the filmmakers risk their lives as they are thrust into the underground world of illicit rhino horn deals organized by South Africa’s ruthless rhino poaching kingpins.
The Last Horns Of Africa
1 x 90’, 2020, HD
 Lake Balaton:
Europe’s Hidden Paradise
1 x 60’, 2020, 4K
 White Spark Pictures/Banovich Studios/ Cross Boarder Productions
Nature & Wildlife

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