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Rabbi Doron Perez



Head                                              of life in preparation for the year ahead.          The ideal exists in our head, whereas
                                                  It’s a time for big picture mind mapping            actual change happens through the
I t is fascinating that the Hebrew for            rather than meddling in minutiae. There             heart. Our inner will – our ratzon – is the
      our New Year is Rosh Hashanah               is no focus on individual actions nor               engine of personal transformation. Yom
      – the ‘Head of the Year’ – and              any mention of sin – not one single                 Kippur is a day that rotates around the
not the more obvious term ‘Reishit                confession – throughout the lengthy                 axis of will, want and desire. It demands
Hashanah,’ which means the beginning              prayer service. We dare not get lost in             a detailed spiritual makeover to align
of the year.’1                                    the detail, lest we fail to distinguish             our will with the Divine Will in every
So why did our Sages pick this term –             the wood from the trees. It’s not a time            area of life. That is why Vidui – personal
the head – to define the first festival           ‘to be rearranging deck chairs on the               confession – is the essence of the day.
of the year? It seems that the head and           Titanic,’ but rather to ensure that we              We strike our chest and heart dozens
mind are the keys to understanding the            are heading in the right direction. The             of times, acknowledging where we have
essence of the day.                               shofar is the instrument of the day and             deviated and expressing our deepest
On the anniversary of Creation, we aim            the echo of Jewish history calling us to            desire to return to the right path.
to envision and recreate in our mind the          recalibrate our moral course and reset              Where there is a will, there is always
ideal world we would like to live in and          our spiritual compass. Rosh Hashanah                a way back. Rosh Hashanah and Yom
the ideal role we would like to play in it.       is an intense exercise in systematic and            Kippur; head and heart, ideal and real,
It’s a time of deep cognitive reflection.         strategic spiritual thinking.                       macro thinking and micro planning,
We examine our spiritual and mental               Heart                                               intertwine to give us unparalleled days
paradigms, thought processes and                  Yom Kippur is all about Service of the              of spiritual inspiration.
mindset as we address the salient issues          Heart – Avodah She'balev.2
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1 Reishit is the obvious word as it is not only   at the beginning of the year impacting the rest of  2 Our Sages define prayer as Avodah She'balev –
the first word in the Torah – BeReishit – but it  the year, which forms the biblical basis for Rosh   service of the heart (Ta’anit 2a, Rambam, Hilchot
is also mentioned in Deuteronomy (11:12) as       Hashanah being a Day of Judgment. Nevertheless,     Tefilla 1:1.) Yom Kippur is a unique day of intense
‘the beginning of the year’ – Reishit Hashanah.   our Sages chose Rosh Hashanah as the name of        prayer encompassing five distinct prayer services.
It is also from this verse that the Talmud (Rosh  the day and hence the name of the Tractate and
Hashanah, 17b) learns the concept of judgment     the universally used name of the festival.

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