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                                                                               Rabbi Andrew Shaw

       The People Who Forgot How to Dance

                                              But as they went  out of the room, he   And then the Babylonians came and
                o me, Yom Yerushalayim is   turned on the radio that was sitting on his   destroyed  Bayit Rishon. And then the
                one of the greatest days in the   desk. And when they got out of the room,   Romans came and destroyed  Bayit
                last 2000 years, a day which   he said to her mother, “Just stand and   Sheni. The Romans murdered millions
                transformed our people, a day
      Twhich had been prophesied            watch her.” The minute they left the room,   of  us  and  exiled us from Yerushalayim.
                                                                                  And  then  we  stopped  dancing.  We
                                            she was on her feet, moving to the music.
       for centuries and then, on the 28  of   They watched for a few minutes, then the   began wandering, crying, praying,
       Iyar 5727, the prophecy came true – G-d   man turned to her mother and said, “Mrs.   hoping.
       brought us back to Yerushalayim. We   Lynne, Gillian isn’t sick. She’s a dancer.   However, wherever they were in
       came home.                           Take her to a dance school.”          the world, the Jewish people did not
        The most watched TED talk of all      And she did. She went to dance school,   forget their homeland. In every prayer,
       time  is  by  Sir  Ken  Robinson.  There  he   full of people like her – people who   every blessing, at every event, whether
       tells a powerful story, so relevant to Yom   couldn’t sit still, people who had to move   joyful  or  sad,  we  remembered  the
       Yerushalayim.                        to think.                             Land of Israel and Yerushalayim – we
        The story is about Gillian Lynne, a   Gillian eventually auditioned for the   remembered how we used to dance.
       world-famous choreographer of works   Royal Ballet School. She became a soloist;   And then it happened: first in 1948,
       such as “Cats” and “Phantom of the   she  had  a  wonderful  career  at  the  Royal   we began to feel the energy returning
       Opera.” How  did  she  become  a  dancer?   Ballet. She eventually graduated from the   to our aching limbs, and then in 1967,
       When she was at school, she was      Royal Ballet School, founded the Gillian   250,000 marched to the  kotel  on that
       hopeless. Her school, in the 1930s, wrote   Lynne Dance Company and met Andrew   first Shavuot after its liberation to sing
       to her parents to tell them that Gillian   Lloyd Webber. She’s been responsible   and  dance – we had  returned as our
       had  a  learning  disorder.  She  couldn’t   for some of the most successful musical   prophets had foretold.
       concentrate; she was fidgeting. Today we   theatre productions in history and she’s   We need to wake up and realise the
       might call it ADHD.                  given pleasure to millions.           incredible blessing G-d has given us,
        Gillian went to see a specialist with her   Somebody else might have put her on   to  thank  G-d  and  realise  that  we  are a
       mother and sat on a chair for 20 minutes   medication and told her to calm down.  rejuvenated people, that we are living
       while the man spoke to her mother about   The Jewish people were born to sing   in an era of reishit tzmichat geulatenu –
       all the problems Gillian was having at   and dance. We danced out of Mitzrayim   the beginning of our redemption.
       school – she was disturbing people, her   as we crossed the sea. The Leviim sung   Rabbi Akiva told us 2000 years ago
       homework was always late, and so on.   in the  Mishkan  as we built a home   that we would return, that there would
        In the end, the doctor went and sat next   for G-d. David danced the  aron  into   be centuries of darkness and storms but
       to Gillian and said, “I’ve listened to all   Yerushalayim as he made it his capital.   that G-d would  be  with us throughout
       these things your mother’s told me. I need   The nation danced at the  Simchat Beit   till we came back to Yerushalayim  shel
       to speak to her privately. Wait here. We’ll   Hashoeva in Yerushalayim during the   zahav.
       be back. We won’t be very long,” and they   first and second Temples.       It’s time to dance.
       went and left her.

              Get to    Rabbi Andrew Shaw is the CEO of Mizrachi UK and his love of music and theatre led him to create several musical
               know     productions including ‘Haim Potter’ and ‘Grease – the Jewish Version’. Today he is the writer of ‘Dreams of a Nation’ – a
                  the   show that tells the story of the Jewish people from Avraham Avinu to the present day as well as writing and narrating
            author:     several films with Chazan Jonny Turgel. He lives in the UK with his wife Gila and two boys, Yoni and Daniel.

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