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                                                                                Rabbi Reuven Taragin

       The Three Blessings on Talmud Torah

                     hy Three Berachot?     expressed His love for us. We show    them  to ‘know Hashem’  through  His
                     The mitzvah of Talmud   our appreciation of this love and how   Torah, the Torah needs to be sweet for us
                     Torah is unique in that   Torah enriches our lives and we commit   so we can relay that sweetness to them.
                     we recite three berachot   ourselves to taking full advantage of the   We ask Hashem as the eternal teacher
      Wbefore performing the                opportunity to learn it by reciting the   (not just the giver) of Torah to teach us
       mitzvah  each  morning.  The  Raavad   beracha  before Kriyat Shema (during   that sweetness.
       explains  that  reciting  all  three  does  not   Ma’ariv):
       constitute  berachot levatala because    תוצמו הרות -תבהא ךמע לארשי תיב םלוע תבהא  The Flow of the Three
       each  bracha  relates to an independent,           .תדמל ונתוא םיטפשמו םיקוח  Our relationship with Torah begins with
       indispensable aspect of the mitzvah.     ךיקוחב חישנ ונמוקבו ונבכשב וניקלא ’ה ןכ לע  our recognition of the  mitzvah  to learn.
                                                 .דעו םלועל ךיתוצמבו ךתרות ירבדב חמשנו  Our  personal  commitment  to  Torah
       The First Beracha:                      .הלילו םמוי הגהנ םהבו ונימי ךראו ונייח םה יכ  learning precedes and leads to a greater
       The Mitzvah of Talmud Torah                                                appreciation of it and gives us the right to
       We begin the  berachot  with the classic   Before we recite  Kriyat Shema, which   ask Hashem to help us get there.
       formulation we use for berachot on other   mentions the  mitzvah  for  us  to love    We  see  this  idea  in the  beracha  of
       mitzvot:  קוסעל  ונוצו  ויתוצמב  ונשדק  רשא   Hashem, we emphasize how much   Ahava Rabba before  Kriyat Shema in
       הרות ירבדב. Before relating to the unique   Hashem  loves  us, as evidenced by His   Shacharit (which, like that of  Ma’ariv,
       aspects of Talmud Torah, we relate to it   having given us His Torah and  mitzvot.   presents Hashem’s giving us the Torah as
       as a mitzvah. The first and basic reason   They  are a gift which makes our  lives   an expression of His love for us):
       we learn is because Hashem commanded   meaningful and our days ‘long’ because           ,וניקולא ’ה ונתבהא הבר הבהא
       us to do so. It is critical that our learning   they give us the ability to use our time   .ונילע תלמח הרתיו הלודג הלמח
       be  lishma –  done with the intention to   in a meaningful way. One who spends    םדמלתו ךב וחטבש וניתובא רובעב ונכלמ וניבא
       fulfill Hashem’s commandment.        his time learning Torah can look back                .ונדמלתו וננחת ןכ ,םייח יקח
                                            on his days and years and feel like they    ונבלב ןתו ונילע םחר םחרמה ןמחרה באה וניבא
       The Third Beracha:                   were truly valuable as time he used to    רומשל דמללו דומלל עומשל ליכשהלו ןיבהל
       The Gift of Torah                    accumulate meaningful knowledge and to    הבהאב ךתרות דומלת ירבד לכ תא םייקלו תושעלו
       Reciting  only the  first  beracha would   grow as a person.                  דחיו ךיתווצמב ונבל קבדו ךתרותב וניניע ראהו
       be ignoring the added significance                                           םלועל שובנ אלו ךמש תא הארילו הבהאל ונבבל
       of Talmud Torah. The third  beracha   The Second/Segue Beracha:                                           .דעו
       expresses our appreciation to Hashem   Praying For Torah Growth
       for  having chosen to  give  the Torah  to   Not everyone has had the opportunity to   Because  of  our  ancestors’  faith  in
       us: ,ותרות תא ונל ןתנו םימעה  לכמ ונב רחב רשא   learn Torah on a meaningful enough level   Hashem and his Torah, they merited
       הרותה  ןתונ  ’ה  התא  ךורב. Torah enriches   to appreciate its beauty and significance.   Hashem teaching them Torah. May our
       the lives of those who learn it. By giving   This is why we have the second/middle   birchot HaTorah do the same!
       us  the  Torah,  Hashem  gives  our  lives   beracha  which asks Hashem to help us
       meaning and direction.               appreciate the Torah’s sweetness:     Rabbi Reuven Taragin is Educational
        Like the rest of creation, human beings    תויפבו וניפב ךתרות ירבד תא וניקולא ’ה אנ ברעהו  Director of Mizrachi and Dean of the
       are created for the glory of G-d. Most                      לארשי תיב ךמע  Yeshivat HaKotel Overseas Program.
       people struggle to identify and realize    לארשי תיב ךמע יאצאצו וניאצאצו ונחנא היהנו
       their destiny. Hashem separated us from      .המשל ךתרות ידמולו ךמש יעדוי ונלוכ
       those ‘wandering’ by giving us the Torah,   .לארשי ומעל הרות דמלמה ’ה התא ךורב  A member of the Mizrachi Speakers Bureau
       which offers us eternal life by teaching us                          
       the truth about the world and our place   Our view extends beyond that of our
       within it.                           own lives to those of our children and          Scan here to join Rabbi Taragin’s
        By  giving  us  the  Torah,  Hashem   future generations. We realize that for    WhatsApp group with daily Divrei Torah

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