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                                                                                     Rabbi Ari Rockoff

       The Journey Home

                           ררועתהל ןמזה עיגה
                            רבגתהל לכה בוזעל
                 רחא םוקמ שפחל אל התיבה בושל

       It’s time to wake up,
       To leave everything and
       strengthen ourselves,
       To return home, not look
       for another place
       (Ishay Ribo)

               or most of us, our lives have
               been   home-focused   over
               the last year. We have spent
               far less time in public places
     Fthan before the pandemic and
       barely left our homes.
        Yet there is one home the pandemic
       has  detached  us  from  –  our national
       home, Israel. Since March 2020,                                             The  Gemara  in  Ketubot  (75a)
       members of our community have not                                          expounds on the  pasuk from Tehillim
       been able to jump on a plane and go                                        הב דלוי שיאו שיא רמאי ןויצלו , “But of Zion
       to Israel,  as we  have become so used       There is one                  it can be said, ‘Man after man was born
       to. Parents and grandparents have              home the                    in  her’.”  noting  the repetition of  the
       been separated from their children and                                     word  שיא. The Gemara explains,  דחא
       grandchildren in Israel. Rabbi Aryeh          pandemic                     התוארל  הפצמה  דחאו  הב  דלונה, “One who
       Lebowitz, Director  of  Semicha  at                                        longs  to see  Yerushalayim  is  equal to
       RIETS,  captured  what  many  of  us  felt   has detached                  one  who was born there.”  Many  Jews
       this past Yom HaAtzmaut: “When the             us from–                    have  indeed merited to  be  born  in
       doors close, we should be inside, not                                      Yerushalayim. They will dance through
       outside.”                                    our national                  its streets on Yom Yerushalayim,
        To address this separation from our                                       celebrating the reunification of the
       home in Israel, we began seriously           home, Israel                  Holy City 54 years ago. But even those
       planning the RZA-Mizrachi Journey                                          of us born and living elsewhere are
       Home Mission, to bring our community                                       obligated to be among those who are
       back  to  Israel  as  soon  as  possible.                                  התוארל םיפצמ, who long to see it, to wait,
       Because being away from home is                                            yearn and prepare, so that we are ready,
       painful, we want to take the first   world-leading vaccination  campaign.   at the first opportunity, to make the
       chance to go back, as soon as the doors   Traveling home to Israel is our way of   journey home.
       open.  So  much  has  inspired  us  about   showing that even if the whole world
       Israel in the last year, from the signing   has changed, our connection to Israel   Rabbi Ari Rockoff is Executive Vice-President
       of the Abraham Accords to Israel’s   remains as strong as ever.            of Religious Zionists of America–Mizrachi.

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