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        Excellence                                  This business simulation, superbly facilitated by IDG over several

                                                      years, has allowed the Values of Safety and the importance of
        From childhood to our adult lives,            teamwork in achieving project success, to be reinforced highly
        games have always been the very
        essence of our learning. Discover our       effectively and in a fun, enjoyable but challenging and stimulating
        dynamic learning programme that               environment. I have no doubt that the game has significantly
        will enable you and your team to             contributed to the ongoing success of our London Operations by
        drive the commercial success of your         enhancing overall business awareness whilst providing focused
        business through our unique blend
        of gamification and face-to-face          learning to participants on planning, decision making, risk assessment
        development.                                   and commercial performance. I would have no hesitation in
                                                   recommending IDG to other businesses looking to drive project and
                                                                         organisational success.

           Our simulations work                          IDG Client - Vice President Projects, Leading Oil and Gas Company

              because they are:

               Highly interactive
                   & engaging                 Our Methodology

           Commercially competitive           IDG uses innovative & competitive board
                                              based simulations to embed broad & deep
                  Experiential                commercial awareness & understanding in
                                              a way that is relevant to your organisation.
                                              We will work with you to shape the most
                                              commercially relevant solution for your
        In our experience, it is simply not   people - they deserve the highest quality
        enough to tell people what they need   learning solution to help them make a real
        to do, as quite often they already    difference back at the work place. Our
        know. It is more effective to encourage   facilitators are highly qualified and possess
        them to explore how they might react   an in-depth knowledge of your business
        in a simulated but real and challenging   to allow them to empathise and work
        environment.                          enthusiastically with all participants.

        The participants are then able to
        apply the lessons learned back in the    If you can’t measure it,
        workplace and make a measurable
        difference to the bottom line and          you can’t manage it!
        performance of the business.
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