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Learning Objectives
 This business simulation, superbly facilitated by IDG over several
 years, has allowed the Values of Safety and the importance of
 teamwork in achieving project success, to be reinforced highly   Our business simulations can be tailored
                                          to specifically demonstrate your current
 effectively and in a fun, enjoyable but challenging and stimulating   commercial challenges, but also have
 environment. I have no doubt that the game has significantly   a number of core learning objectives,
 contributed to the ongoing success of our London Operations by   including:
 enhancing overall business awareness whilst providing focused
 learning to participants on planning, decision making, risk assessment    Reinforce the strategic vision and
 and commercial performance. I would have no hesitation in   business objectives of the business
 recommending IDG to other businesses looking to drive project and   Understand financial reports and
 organisational success.                       financial performance analysis

 IDG Client - Vice President Projects, Leading Oil and Gas Company   Gain an awareness of the financial
                                              performance and financial drivers
                                                      of the business
                                               Understand how strategic and
 Our Methodology                             day-to-day management decisions
                                                  and actions can directly
                                             influence the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ line
    We are passionate about collecting
    evidence of improvement, payback
    and return on investment from our         Learn how to monitor commercial
    programmes.                                  results and communicate
                                                    with stakeholders
    Each programme can therefore                Reinforce a variety of other
    be reviewed from a behavioural,           management competencies - such
    organisational and commercial            as leading a high performing team,
                                              negotiation and communication
    IDG uses the Kirkpatrick model of
    measuring the impact of learning at all
    four levels. All evaluation and
    assessment can be completed using our
    online delivery platform.

    We promise to work with you to
    ensure your people achieve commercial
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